Facebook and Social Media

Facebook and Social Media

Feb 21, '186 comments

Over the past couple weeks we have received numerous communications pertaining to various social media sites—primarily Facebook. 

We would like to take a moment to make sure everyone understands that we do not own, administrate or moderate ANY Facebook groups beyond the Health Club page, and groups for individual live classes (and these are open only to registered students). This includes both the ISOD Graduates group and the Fans of Dr. Robert Morse ND Group.

Due to legal and time restraints, Health Club staff are not able to answer questions and/or monitor conversations on social media. Many of these groups have formed through the need for like minds to connect and support each other in health and through detoxification. We love and appreciate the efforts of those that spend their time answering questions and monitoring/maintaining these groups. However, as with all things, sometimes these types of groups are owned/operated for the wrong reasons, or by people at different stages/levels of detoxification. Please remember that information shared through social media does not represent the opinions or practices of Dr. Morse or the Health Club.

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Bonnie Robertson on Apr 19, '18

I’ve been binge watching Dr. Morse for the past year. 8 years ago I was given a “Diagnosis” of a Neuromuscular “Disease” and told by main stream doctors … In their exact words …. There’s “no hope and no cure” After finding Dr. Morse on YouTube and applying what he teaches about eliminating dead foods and toxins, I began getting my physical strength back. I’m on the healing journey and in it for the long-haul with Dr. Morse. Forever Grateful, BKR in Texas

Suzette Weatherall on Apr 8, '18

Dr Morse is awesome. Very informative. A good teacher. I have learned so much from his youtube videos. Putting into practice some of his teachings and am seeing results on raw fruit diet in a very little time. It is delicious.

Marie C. on Mar 27, '18

Well, I got kicked out of the Fans group today. I guess I opened my mouth and inserted my foot unknowingly. I’ll just have to watch and learn and not interact in the future. Sucks because there’s 23,000+ people in that group and I was learning a lot. I’m NEW at this detox stuff and, clearly, I didn’t have the “special rules” memorized like I should have. Peace and light? Nope! BANNED. LOL

Theresa Rodriguez on Feb 23, '18
While. Waiting for you guys to help me I have been on those pages longing for. Answers
Nick on Feb 22, '18

Unfortunately there are crooked people out there that are distorting what Dr. Morse teaches for profit.One example being using bottled grape juice(which is cooked) instead of using fresh juiced raw ripe grapes in detoxification. Another is combining fruits and vegetables at the same meal(bad idea). People also are pushing isolated vitamins supplements(humans do not know more about health and nutrition than nature).

Lexie on Feb 22, '18

Well said, The comfort of knowing that others are also interested is great! No science is perfect, nothing is complete because it keeps expanding. But a workable system should be used “as is”, tweak it on your own time and don’t bring in contrary ideas and “know best” than can only confuse the new ones that are searching for some stable truths!

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