Dr. Morse TV

Dr. Morse TV

Nov 2, '21

Tired of the blatant social media censorship? We are too! 😉

👉 So today we announce our very own video site—Dr. Morse TV— where Dr. Morse and team can speak and share freely.

Visit and join Dr. Morse TV here ➡️ https://drmorse.tv

ℹ️ Why join?

By joining, you create a free account on the website through which you can save videos to your favorites list, participate in video comments, and receive Dr. Morse TV related updates and new video release notifications by email.

ℹ️ Does this mean no new videos on YouTube, Rumble, Odysee, etc.?

Dr. Morse TV won’t replace Dr. Morse’s other video and social media channels and we will upload to all channels as usual. Rather, Dr. Morse TV is an additional platform. This one managed fully by us.

ℹ️ Can I upload videos to Dr. Morse TV?

There are already great platforms out there such as Rumble and Odysee. We recommend you use these if you want to upload videos.


So, if you haven’t already, head on over and join. See you there! 🍇

Visit and join Dr. Morse TV here ➡️ https://drmorse.tv

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