Discussion with Patty and Dr. Morse. - Diet Myth

Jun 16, '173 comments

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The studies discussed in this video are:

Excess Dietary Protein can Adversely Affect Bone Health

Renal Inflammation

Sulfur Amyloid Plaque


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Codi on Jun 27, '17

I was stoked to see this video come out! Patty and Dr Morse did such a wonderful job clarifying what this man was so confused about !

Thanks for uploading the studies! They will come in great use!

Nick on Jun 19, '17

The longest I was on 100% fruit was 7 straight days but I did eat dried fruit with the more water based fruits in them 7 days.I do not know how anybody can do a 40 or even a 20 day of just eating grapes.The reason I say that is my craving for vegetables is too strong.I think I may have to de-worm or de-parisite.

Nick on Jun 19, '17

It is totally insane to think what you eat has no effect on your health! These morons who think that are living in a fantasy world not this real physical world.To break it down in extremely simple terms,if you eat something that is not the right chemistry for your chemistry than it will harm your health.

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