Christian’s Army Kidney Filtration Challenge

Jun 12, '178 comments
Please contact Chad if you have gained kidney filtration by changing your diet.

We will use these testimonials to help children in need. Thank you.

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BobOseola on Aug 6, '20

I was told Ihad stage 5 kidbey disease andIneededa t re transplant. I said no and the doctor shrugged and said " then you die in less then 1 year. Dr. Morse herbs, fruit,berries, melon diet. 4 months an d test shows stage 3. So much for the " lies that itcannit be reversed

Jacqueline mcqueary on Sep 24, '17

I am currently on weeks 1-2 of the 14 week protocol,after completing the fab 4,is it safe to take as many of the other tinctures as I would like to with these?

Susan Orr on Jun 16, '17

1/017 started eating mostly fruit some vegs end of March recieved Dr Morse’s #1 kit. Saw my kidney Dr 6/2017 prior kidney stage3 diease he stated kidneys can not heal ever. This current visit with blood lab work kidneys are stage2. Dr states kidneys are normal. Come back in 6 months. I showed him my 5 tintures and 3 jars of Dr Morse’s herbs and said I was taking them and eating mostly fruit and some vegs. He read the kidney and bladder bottle, he said he was a western Dr and herbs were risky to take. I said people eat dandelions out of there yard and I eat parsley , celentro, ginger, turmeric and other herbs but from health food , and grocery stores. Why is it OK to eat these but not the bottled herbs. He couldn’t say, his smile turned to a frown, come back in 6 months. Why did my kidneys start to heal and to have sediment in my urine? Today I went to my PC Dr, I told him my kidney Dr said kidneys can not heal, he said that’s right, then I told him I had stage 3 kidney diease now I have stage 2 kidney diease the kidneys are healing my lab work proved it, he was shocked , I said you can get my records there in the computer and I have a copy. Yes Dr Morse tells the truth. If your looking for the truth in life you will find it. Keep seeking and you’ll find it.

Honey man on Jun 15, '17

thank you for all you do and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me out with my problems I’m on the right track now
I love you man?

Jack on Jun 14, '17
Thank you for bringing this to the worlds attention . Too many of us are suffering senselessly . I have personally found positive results from this program . Right now is the perfect time to start eating fruits berries and melons exclusively for a couple of days three days . Being the middle of the summer fruits are in abundance. Just seems natural to eat this way in the heat .I started this program one year ago. And have witnessed miraculous healing in my body. Yesterday in the 90° Boston heat I enjoyed several of my homemade fresh berry juice Popsicles . You can’t buy those at the store . I am going to make some green grape raspberry and lemon Popsicles now . I like calling it a fruit feast ? Not a fruit fast.I’ve kept a photograph Journal of my filtration results . The snow globe photographs . If I can be of any assistance to anybody my E Mail is
Audrey Rich on Jun 13, '17

Thank you for sharing this truth. Healing love and light for Christian and all the others that are plagued. Y the untruths……

Shiva Nolan on Jun 13, '17

I was very saddened to hear your story Chad. My son had cancer at 4 years old and that’s when my journey of learning about naturopathy really started. I was able to help him thank God by giving him vitamins and fresh bio foods and detox his system by daily Herbal teas and also homeopathy and together with his chemo and surgery he finally fully recovered. My heart goes out to you being so brutally separated from your son and I too am doing my best to educate people about what I’ve learnt from Dr Morse through his book and utube videos…God bless him and help him to carry on this wonderful work for many many years to come. I have been trying to be a raw fruitarian for a year now and feel the benefits of its detoxifying benefits, although I find it too hard to be a raw vegan during the cold months here in the UK but eat 60-80% raw fruits each day nevertheless.
Please let me know if I can be of any assistance and I pray for you and your son to be reunited very soon.
Much love and prayers to you, your family and all those who are suffering in the same way.??

Bill on Jun 13, '17

How long do you wait after peeing into a jar.How long before all that sediment settles.Also if it’s milky is it mean your kidneys are working fine.

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