Autumn Updates

Autumn Updates

Oct 11, '21

The News Nobody Wants to Hear…

It’s unfortunate. It’s disappointing. It’s upsetting. But…it’s unavoidable. Herbs and other materials and supplies are becoming increasingly difficult to acquire, transit times are longer, fuel costs are higher and increased costs on pretty much everything are sweeping the world! It is constantly in our faces to have to “adjust” to the “unprecedented” times in which we are all doing our best to survive.

But we are determined to not just survive, but thrive and make the most of it all—which includes continuing the unparalleled support and resources to help you all achieve your health and regeneration goals!

We’ve been fortunate to only require price adjustments a couple of times in all the years Dr. Morse has been selling his herbal formulas. We have prided ourselves for being able to maintain lower-than-normal industry costs while delivering top-quality products and support for many, many years!

As of October 15th, Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club will be implementing a price increase on all products and services to help keep up with these challenging times. We have absorbed the increasing costs as much as we have been able, but with no real improvement in sight, the difficult decision was made to alter our pricing.  

Even though the message itself is unfortunate, we still have a greater mission to consider, especially in this very toxic world where we need to protect and defend ourselves on all levels! Our mission and passion to help spread the word of true detoxification has never been more vital! We are up against some scary times and even with a price increase, we must stay focused and keep fighting! We greatly appreciate and love all your support. We hope to count on your continued excitement to help keep this planet hydrated and well equipped with the right knowledge, tools and consciousness needed to help save it, and that will come from people like YOU!

Office and Website Closure

In order to update our systems and conduct our annual inventory, we will be closed (both the clinic store and website) on Friday, October 15th.  The website will be back online between 12 and 5 pm EST, the Clinic will re-open at 9:30 am EST on Monday October 18th.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Spanish Resources

First, for Spanish or bilingual members looking for Spanish versions of detoxification resources, Holistica Detox is here to help!  With a beautiful user-friendly and comprehensive website full of detoxification tips and support, this is a great resource for those requiring Spanish versions of resources!  Click here to visit Holistica Detox. 

Dr. Tenpenny Interview

You won’t find this on YouTube! Reinette Senum interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who breaks down the various inoculations available and the top 10 ways they will affect you. Set aside an hour of your day as this is a MUST SEE (and share!) video.

Watch the Video – If you missed the first interview it can be found here. (Both video links are on our Articles & Studies page under “Covid-19 & Related”).

Covid Ultimatum Guide

As promised, we are sharing info that we think will be helpful to those resisting mandates, especially those facing job loss in the coming weeks as the Federal Government turns on the pressure cooker. Click here for a great guide on steps to take when facing termination or other employment threats for vaccine refusal. 

Social Media

We are sure everyone is very well aware of what is taking place with mainstream social media lately.  In many ways, we all saw this coming—remember this blog post from November 2019? If you do not (or weren’t a member or subscribed back then), be sure to check out the 3 links at the bottom of that blog post (and if you get a security warning regarding greenmedinfo, go ahead and proceed to the article—they really will try anything to cover being called out!). 

For those who don’t know, YouTube is owned by Google—and if you did not read the articles at the end of the blog post above, Google has been a pharmaceutical company since about 2016. Suddenly all this shadow banning, censorship and channel closures makes a bit more sense, doesn’t it?  Dr. Morse has behaved himself on YouTube thus far, but if you want to make sure that you stay in the loop with new videos and hear the unfiltered truth of things, which would never pass muster on YouTube, please make sure to join Dr. Morse on one or more of the following Social Media channels!











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