August Newsletter

August Newsletter

Aug 20, '20

Hello Everyone and Happy August!

We hope that all of you have been able to take some time and enjoy a beautiful summer outside, taking in lots of fresh air and sunshine to strengthen yourselves!  Now a little more than mid-way through August, many of us are shifting focus to preparing for a return to school (if you haven’t already started back!).  For many this is a very difficult decision to make—returning children to school with masks, desk shields, and constantly slathering sanitizer or homeschooling them, and the potential loss of income that would entail.  For many families, none of the available options are anywhere near ideal.

If you are choosing to homeschool, we would like to share a couple resources that we hope will enhance your experience.  Through her newly launched “Make Americans Free Again,” Dr. Pam Popper has been amassing a treasure trove of resources for those who will be homeschooling. You can access these by CLICKING HERE (and check out the other sections as well!).  

Big Life Journals is another treasure trove of beautiful resources, both free and paid.  While not specifically tailored to homeschooling, their materials focus on positivity and cultivating resilience and growth mindset, and can be a fantastic addition to a home learning curriculum.  With journals, printables, posters and podcasts, this site has quickly become a favorite of Health Club Staff through the summer!  Click here to visit their site and don’t forget to check out their free printables, emailed every Friday.  CLICK HERE to visit Big Life Journals.

For those returning to school, there will be many things that are beyond your control; but not all!  One of the most important factors to remember is that a virus literally cannot survive in a clean body!  Bacteria and viruses are nature’s clean up crew and exist solely to consume dead, decaying and/or damaged tissue.  If the lymphatic system is healthy, with lymph flowing properly and kidneys filtering, there is nothing for a “pathogen” to eat.  Without a food source, they cannot survive.

So let’s take a quick review—what’s the best way to make sure your lymphatic system is functioning properly?  FRUITS, BERRIES, MELONS!  Your body needs the hydration, alkalinity and astringency from these foods to keep the lymph moving and kidneys filtering—plus the electrical energy helps support brain, nerve and endocrine function.  Which means the best way to strengthen, fortify and protect our kiddos is to skip the school lunch and make sure you’re packing them a great fruit lunch!

One other concern that many parents have is the “over-sanitazitation” with alcohol (and toxin)-laden hand sanitizers.  Believe me, kiddos will be pressured to sanitize constantly, which can lead to dry/cracked hands at best and at worst, with long term use, absorption of many toxic chemicals constantly throughout the day.  One way to counter this is to teach your children to say “No, thank you, I have my own” and send them with a home-made, toxin free version!  Encourage children to wash hands over choosing sanitizer, but if they must use sanitizer to use their own!  See below for an easy recipe that can be whipped up in no time flat and added to a clip-on squeeze bottle for kids to carry with them.

These are just a couple quick tips that we hope you will find helpful, whichever path you and your children are embarking upon.  Just remember that our situations are all unique, and that whatever decision you make it will be the best possible one for you and your families.  Remember to keep a solid and strong foundation of diet and herbs; focusing on keeping your adrenals strong and your lymphatic system moving!

Featured Food: Raspberries

With the possible exception of strawberries, nothing says summer like red raspberries!  These nutritional powerhouses are highly antioxidant and unbeatable when it comes to brain foods!  They are high in fiber, manganese, Vitamin C, Flavonoids, and B vitamins (folic acid, pantothenic acid and B6).  While red is the most common raspberry, they also can be black, purple, orange, yellow and white. 

Raspberries are great eaten alone, juiced or added to smoothies or other fruit purees.  They are delicate and will spoil easily, so it’s best to only buy 1-2 days’ worth at a time (unless you plan to freeze them).  Don’t wash them ahead of time or leave them at room temperature, the best way to store is to lay them in a single layer in a glass dish, cover with a damp paper towel and refrigerate. 

Recipe:  Raspberry Grape Blast

6 oz freshly pressed grape juice
1 oz freshly pressed raspberry juice

Combine juices and ENJOY!

Bonus Recipe: DIY NON-TOXIC Hand Sanitizer

Because hand sanitizer is going to be extremely ubiquitous for kids returning to school, we’re giving you a back-to-school bonus recipe this month!  Now most DIY hand sanitizer ‘recipes’ you will find require 2/3 isopropyl alcohol and 1/3 aloe gel.  However, isopropyl alcohol is drying and toxic when used long term, and can lead to drying, cracking and even bleeding or weeping sores on the hands when used long term (especially with the excessive use promoted for “virus protection”).  But we’re going to share a little secret here; if you have some essential oils you actually do not need the alcohol! 

Don’t tell the CDC, but many essential oils have very strong antiviral and antibacterial properties.  And they are easy to find and generally inexpensive!  Just make sure you are getting a good quality oil (a drop on a piece of paper should evaporate completely, not leave an oily residue).  Some easy to obtain, yet potent antiviral essential oils include Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Thyme, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, and Tea Tree.

One of my favorite blends is Thieves Oil (rumored to be used by corpse robbers during the bubonic plague):

40 drops clove essential oil
35 drops lemon essential oil
20 drops cinnamon essential oil
15 drops eucalyptus essential oil
10 drops rosemary essential oil


Add 36 drops of the Thieves Oil blend (or your own custom blend!) to 2 ounces of aloe vera gel.  Mix well and pour into a squeeze or pump bottle.

Featured Formula:  Brain and Nerve

You can’t go wrong with this formula when heading back to school, or for keeping on top of your kiddo’s curriculums!  Designed to strengthen and rebuild the brain and nervous tissues of the body, this formula helps with a myriad of memory, cognition and motor/movement problems.  Deeper results can be attained using this formula with Circulation Upper Body and the Adrenal Support.

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Take advantage of substantial price reductions, and reap the benefits of a strong and fortified immune system!  Because these formulas are priced to sell, all sales are final and there can be no returns or exchanges.  Only while supplies last, so don’t wait!  CLICK HERE to visit the sale page.

Counselor’s Corner

Instead of an article from one of our counselors, this month we want to say Welcome Back to Julia, who will be returning from maternity leave!  Congratulations on your little boy, and welcome back Julia--we missed you!!!

From Dr. Morse

“The weak are always consumed in this world. This is just the order of things so that life will continue to perpetuate itself.  The strong always survive, one way or another, and this is true cellularly as well.  It is vital that the body eliminates its weaknesses to increase its strength.”

From Our Members

This month we wanted to share “The Story of a Stolen Colon.” At age 15, Etiole’s entire colon was surgically removed. Etiole struggled for years with recurring infections in the “J-pouch” that was put in after her colon removal, before finally making the decision to have that removed and an ileostomy stoma put in place.  CLICK HERE to watch Etoile’s inspiring story as she learned how to heal herself with raw foods and herbs, working with the Center for Awakened Health.

Member/Alumni Spotlight

We are thrilled to share that long time ISOD alumni and founder of Cultivate Health, Cindy Paiva, has opened a Detox Retreat in stunning Lake Tahoe!  She welcomes you to a magical experience of deep and regenerative detoxification in a beautiful cabin in the forest of Lake Tahoe. 

CLICK HERE to book now or for more info!

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