Athena and Dr. Morse: Suffering, Emotions, & Personal Power on the Healing Path

Aug 10, '162 comments
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Yvette on Aug 25, '17

This story is so inspirational, I have shared it and also, since, come into contact with Athena, as well. One starts to feel less isolated on the journey. Thank you Dr. Morse, and staff as well. Taking a bunch of the tonics, listening and learning all the time as well!

Joan on Aug 22, '16

Thank you so much for sharing this video! I absolutely am already such a big fan of Dr. Morse. Then Athena’s story was so inspirational and meant to be for me hear it and to share her story with a friend that is so sad because her daughter is so sick with Rheumatory arthiritis and has lost hope. So now she’ll hopefully lift her head up and start the journey of healing!!!!! Love you Dr. Morse

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