Athena and Dr. Morse - Healing Testimonial on Gut Issues, Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn's

Aug 10, '161 comment
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brittany on Jun 29, '17

Thank you for this video! I did not have it nearly as bad as you did only being diagnosed last year. But I was on nearly all those meds not only for ulcerative colitis but also for cases of d-diff. I was about to get on humira when I said ENOUGH. currently I am on the healing journey with the right supplements, excersice and juicing, giving my body a much needed rest. This medical society of western medicine is a business and at 26 years old I can finally see this. I use all natural remedies not only for myself but for my son. I refuse to give dross my money or time. I want to help spread the word of self body healing even if I get looked at funny. My question to you is should I focus on cleaning out my systems to further heal and eventually be healed? Again thank you so much for all you do, keep it going because we need this to help heal those who need it

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