Q&A 354 - Dry Fasting, Attention/Focusing, Varicose Veins

Mar 4, '163 comments
03:12 – Alex – What do you think about dry fasting (no food-no water) for 24-96 hours to heal the body of all degenerative diseases?

14:45 – Lauren – What would you recommend my 11-year-old son who has attention and focusing problems, motor tics that have changed over years, obsessive thoughts and memory problems?

19:17 – Jessica - My question is just about herb labelling. You always said to do either the fab four or the first kit for sure and take the kidneys & adrenals formulas. But in those kits, the only formulas like that is kidney & bladder . The adrenals formula isn't added until like weeks7 or so. Could you explain? Shouldn't Adrenals be in the first kit if we're to be working on our kidney AND adrenals? Also I have type 2 diabetes, extremely insulin resistant. I'm on humulin R U/500 50 units per meal

26:13 – Corinne – Can you recommend herbal labs in France or Europe? And equivalent herbs growing here?

27:58 – Lilac – I would love to hear how to HEAL varicose veins.

32:17 – Kaitlyn – 23-year-old, Benign tumor on left breast, cyst on left ovary, many vaginal problems such as repeated Bacterial Vaginosis, repeated yeast infections, , I have herpes type 1 vaginally.

39:08 – Have you ever heard of a man by the name of, Mehran Keshe?

40:36 – Simon – I’m breast feeding, can I go all fruit without fear of toxins leaving my body through breastmilk? I also have skin problems, vitiligo, dandruff, pimples, and sometimes eczema/psoriasis.

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Salma Ali on Mar 14, '16

Please Dr morse talk about how to unclog calcium for the arteries and reduce high Cholestrol.

Bernadette on Mar 5, '16

Thank you Dr Morse for your honest advise. Is there a way of getting your herbs in Australia? to avoid paying the expensive UPS mail? Thank you Blessings -Bernadette

Graeme on Mar 5, '16

Hi , dr morse With dry fasting , after stopping have trouble getting bowels to work Graeme

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