Q&A - 353 - Swollen Lymph Nodes, PTSD, Iridology, Balding

Mar 2, '163 comments
3:42 – JT – Swollen lymph nodes and low vitamin D.

10:51 – Tosha – I’ve been on hemo dialysis for over two years. I’ve been transplanted before but I couldn’t hack the pills.

17:25 – Nathalie – I suffer from PTSD and my adrenals are weak, which I am taking adrenal bosster called Maca from a natural health store.

20:18 – Unknown – I was wondering what Dr. Morse received his doctorate in, I just watched a couple of his videos, and I want to make sure I can trust what he is saying.

22:19 – Tracey – Two emails. I am on 45mg armour thyroid daily and now they put me on bioidentical hormones made of wild yams. I am not comfortable with any of this.

37:58 – April – What do you recommend for folks in a northern climate as far as fruits?

42:19 – Johan – Time stamping idea.

45:54 – Phil – When Dr. Morse gets around to doing his Iridology boor or maybe a video, could he show us what a good eye looks like or a perfect eye?

53:05 – Becky – I am studying iridology for certification. What is one of the cheapest and easiest of the best iriscopes and software to use? Hi Becky! What we are using now can be found here: http://www.joyfullivingservices.com/s...

54:16 – Rich – 21-year-old male slowly losing hair. Forehead looks like its swelling up a bit like a balloon.

58:33 – Krystl – Please help me with a VERY INFORMATIVE protocol on what detoxes teas, and what mixes together and what don’t.

1:23:44 – A’oi – When one achieves clean eyes, does Christ consciousness naturally occur, or is it simply made easier?

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Kimberly Bassett on Oct 1, '17

Have no ovaries. On bioidentical hormones. Can i produce my own hormones through diet.
How do you feel about so called “healthy pills” eg. Olive, hemp zeed.

Richard on Apr 11, '17

Where is the cart? I filled the form to join but dont know how to check out

Mike on Mar 10, '16

I found an Ellen Jensen on a BernardJensen.com domain? What do you think is going on here? Is she related or an ex? http://www.bernardjensen.com/

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