Q&A - 352 - Migraines, Hemangioma, Blood Pressure, Digestive Problems

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01:09 – Marco – Black Salve Pictures.

4:30 – A’oi – Books on Ascension, Causes of HPS, Transplant recipient.

19:32 – Unknown – Amitriptyline for migraines. Taking antidepressants and making her sleepy.

29:20 – Alice – Questions related to a friend. 40-years-old with hemangioma on her left check since birth.

36:26 – Dale – What about blood pressure being high specifically in the morning. Kidney removed because of cancer. They are in their 80’s.

44:40 – Boboc – My child is allergic to cow’s milk, digestive problems, large amount of mucus, oily stools.

56:27 – Carla – Everything went haywire about a year ago. Hot burning tingling all over, icepacks to sleep at night.

1:07:48 – Evelyn – Problems with heavy sleep. Sets three alarms and still can’t hear them.

1:13:02 – Robyn – Issues with insomnia on and off for the past 3 years. Past 6 weeks have been unbearable.

1:16:28 – Jack – Videos on Dementia.

1:22:42 – What about Vitamin D, Vitamin K? What source should someone use to get these in their body? What do you think of sunscreen?

1:25:15 – Valentina – Starting a 4-week protocol after finishing weeks 1-2 kit. Left breast lump is starting to hurt.

1:30:14 – Katya – Opinion on dry fasting, Healing crisis, Teeth getting darker, liver spots, glandular complex. Gravel Root and Valerian root.

01:55:33 – Madis – Afraid of creating new toxins in my body with difestion/gut problems. Gas and itching.

2:08:24 – Duncan – Around New Years I developed an irritated stomach. Will I get enough iron being on all fruits? Vitamin B12?

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nasir khan on Apr 9, '16

Great advice. Me I am 61 and lived most of my life with IBS back than doctors thought its all in my head. Fast forward this lead to triple bypass, type 2 diabetes (80 ml insulin/day) and host of other problems, I think.you know. Good news is that I have resolved most of the problems, thanks to people like you who share such good and valuable information, now I am dealing with adrenaline fatigue type issues that I am unable to solve. My symptoms seems to be both hipo and hiper . My question is that is possible and what can I do about it. Again thank you so much for the info. I live in Pakistan. thank you

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