Q&A 350 - Vaccinations, Lipoma, Goiter, ADHD

Feb 29, '16
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4:48 – Article – Tdap Vaccinations for All Pregnant Women in Brazil Mandated in Late 2014.

11:33 – Sara – “Working in a vegan healthier kitchen. I wanted to know what Dr. Morse says about micro-biotics.”

16:35 – Terry – “Please help me to try and get rid of this lipoma that has formed on the lower right side of my back. My chiropractor just told me what is was and ive had it for years. A Massage helps some and the pain comes and goes, but when it comes it hurts like hell.”

23:23 – Rosabella – “Was told i have a graves disease for over 7 years now and thyroid has developed a large goitre.  I have an operation to totally remove thyroid and live on medication for life, but I am scared to even go through it because it won't solve the problem.  However, i would like to try natural remedies from you as i have seen lots of great testimonials Please advice what products of yours shall I purchase and do i need to continue taking B Blocker and carbimazole in conjunction with your remedies?”

27:43 – Brianna – “This is 18 year old Brianna, and I appreciate you reviewing my eyes and case (grapes burned my tongue).You said I should get in touch with a practitioner,but there is no way as a college student I can afford it at this time.I have continued on the 14 week protocol and fruit, but my skin has had terrible acne since beginning the protocol in September.I am taking a kidney glandular with no relief but I am filtering.This acne is causing terrible scarring and I can't make it stop. Please Help”

34:09 – Dale – “What about pre eclampsia, and pre eclampsia foundation looking for a cure. What about when woman has epilepsy?”

39:18 – Rony – “I am Rony, Iam French but I live in UK. Sorry for my English... I write you because I am very worry for my stomach. I don't know how described really. Since 4 months now, ipain(light but I feel a minor disagree sensation every day sometime burn, feel anything sometime when I move(more pain under the solar plexus), and when I touch is very sensitive. As pinching and irritation in the stomach, permanent gene. Sensation change all the time. I feel a contract in my back etc etc”

44:25 – Agnese – “I was wondering when there will be eye review on youtube chanel again and how could I submit a picture.”

46:35 – CJ – “My sons was diagnosed with ADHD ( combined type) and a pragmatic language disorder.  He has a hard time with both receptive and expressive language. I wanted to know it you had a product that would help him.”

50:50 – Amy – “I have been tested for fasting lipid panel, with CBC, metabolic and thyroid everything came back normal except for lipid panel.  Total cholesterol is 600+ and triglycerides 4000+.  I have been mostly Vegan for 3 + years. Though I find with startches and cooked carbs I tend to eat way too much.  Since finding out about my Triglycerides 7 days ago I have now been eating only raw fruits and veggies mostly fruit.   That does include half or 1 avocado with my salads.  What do you advise?”

56:46 – Alica – Please help me detox. See video for detailed info.

1:05:40 – Alex - I've been in a spiritual grey area for sometime now, however, I've been spiritual nonetheless.. On a quantum, spiritual, bigger picture level, does it really matter what we eat or how our nutrition/diet is?  What I really mean by that is if our physical world is created by the mind, can't we just literally direct light, love, health and vitality into whatever we do (or eat) for that matter rather than trying to control it in the physical realm? It's difficult for me to devote so much energy to "the right diet" type of living when you could theoretically lift yourself beyond.

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