Discussion: Healing Crisis

Feb 2, '166 comments

Discussion: Healing Crisis

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Leah on Aug 3, '17

How can I unblock carotid arteries ?

Louie miro on Jan 19, '17

I have constant mucus buildup in my throats that never goes away. I also have postnatal drip and so use pressure headaches. Nothing over the counter works and doctors don’t have a clue. If I eat anything mucus producing it makes the symptoms worse . I went to an allergist and they found nothing wrong.

Mary on Feb 5, '16

Would like your thoughts on smart meters. I’m refusing them thank you so much for your videos!!!!!

Diana Borst on Feb 3, '16

Please tell me what you think about raw wild cratfted shilijat powder extract.
What about fulvic acid?
only in health

Jan Brown on Feb 3, '16

Is there any way to pay less shipping for products… Shipping seems high.

Annie on Feb 2, '16

Love you Dr. Morse and team!! I started your program on the first of January… I am a 36 year old female with one ovary, suffering from migraine headaches 3 times a week, I will have episodes where I can’t speak properly or even count to ten. My Neurologist just put me on Divalproex but said I would not be able to have children and it would possibly cause liver damage. I also have chronic fatigue and pain through out my arms and legs and sever neck spasms. I have not taken the medication yet as trying to get better with the detox and herbs. Since I started your program I have had slime coming out of my eyes, my feet and hands swell up, and I have severe night sweats. Could you possibly tell me what you think might be happening. This is no way to live!!! Love and light to you!!

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