Q&A 348- Fatigue, Dark Emotions, Kidney Failure.

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“Q&A – 348”

Heal By Nature - @ :21

Off Topic 2:05 – inflammation, systemic lymphatic fluid

Leanne 4:34 – Fatigue, Benign Tumors, Nervous System Hormonal Imbalance

Kina 20:25 – What do you mean by “Being Spiritual?”

22:33 “Thought is your Friend or Enemy”

Tammy 27:17 – How do I become a client?
Tammy Cont’d @ 31:39 Problem in my glands.

36:5637:26 Drew walks in giving Robert more Q&A

Karolina 37:27 – 4 Months Pregnant

Jack 42:40 – Chronic Fatigue Adrenals and Spirituality

A’OI 48:05 – Is it possible to detox dark emotions?

Paul 51:38 – Update from Paul in Canada with ALS and 5 y/o Daughter

Bea 58:36 – Stage “5” Kidney Failure

Allen 1:03:53 – I am going to be an example, spreading the truth about health.

Katya 1:05:35 – Facebook Group

Duana 1:07:28 – My 6yo Girl has Geographic Tongue

Alexey 1:14:42 – “Thank You Dr. Morse!” ..
“Detoxification is a Life Changing Experience.”

Cora 1:16:18 – Detoxing Mercury out of the body.

Pia 1:18:45 – Happy New Year Dr. Morse & Staff

Haro 1:21:25 – is it okay to take baking soda to help reduce acidosis? Fast Track Alkalizer

Steve 1:23:06 What do you recommend to shrink Fibroids?

Robert 1:26:10 – Do you know what Homeopathy is? Do you think it’s real? Do you have proof it works?
Ends 1:28:44

1:28:51 – Compound found in herbs and spices. Flavonoids Ends @ 1:29:40

Closing remarks - 1:30:00 OUT @ 1:30:35

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Angelica on Feb 11, '16

My son saw a few of your videos on eating fruit only and he is going to only give his 21 month old daughter fruit from now on how safe is that type of diet for a growing child

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