Message To Younger Viewers/Q&A - Bacteria/Parasites, Morning Sickness

Dec 28, '15
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9:57 – Louise – “I got my blood and poop tested, and it turns out I have a whole list of bacteria/parasites that is not supposed to be there. So the things she saw was: Lyme, bartonella, anaplasma, listeria, cryptosporidium, cornu streptococcus, acne vulnaris and a few others”…

27:00 – Oana – “Could you please comment a little bit on why some women have severe morning sickness which lasts all day and night during the entire pregnancy, while other women have very little or none.”

33:45 – Deb – “I’ve known since I was a kid something was wrong with me. I was always ultra sensitive to everything indicating adrenal weakness. I inherited this from both parents who were raised in Europe both were 5 and 7 yrs old when the war started and as children were constantly running to shelters from air raids, losing homes and probably malnourished. As a child I suffered every possible kind of abuse constantly frightened and suffered from disassociation when life got to be too much. My adrenals were definitely shot! I suffered from bulimia to help medicate my anger fear and frazzled nerves for years. After 20 yrs therapy and yoga helped. I’ve been into health fitness and yoga my entire life and at 57 started having tremors on R side, they are now constant in R arm. I’m 60 years young and was diagnosed 9 months ago with Tremor only Parkinsons. Don’t get me started on the medical system but I tried their medication azilect to slow down it’s progress for 2 wks..and immediately went off! Literally a nightmare results.”

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