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Dec 23, '153 comments
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sylvia shields on Dec 28, '15

I enjoyed this! Great shirt DR. M! I was doing well but then the beginning of this year tragedy and I fell very deep, I am hoping and believing I can regroup so to speak in 2016 God Bless

CAROLE LAVOIE on Dec 23, '15

Thank you Mrs Hilde and Dr Morse for sharing this life-changing experience.
Getting back to health is, for lack of a better word,embarrassingly simple. Albeit hard to get started but once on that momentum to wellness, you will never look back.
I deeply wish for everyone to give themselves the gift of the life they deserve which is a fullfilling and happy one not only for yourself but also for the other beings around you.

A GREAT 2016 everyone and remember, we can all do this!

Nicole on Dec 23, '15

I don’t have a question but I have a check-in. I am a massage Therapist and Esthetician. I’m on week 9-10, I’m now having bowel movements 30 min after I eat now. I’ve lost my finger nails, toes nails & hair but I feel like a new person. Every1 is asking me what am I doing because I have my human glow back. I am so very thankful for you Dr. Morse. I’m not totally out of Hellville yet but I can see Wellville around the corner. Yes! it’s hard but its worth it. I am suffering from psoriasis on my hands & feet. I had a poor, poor diet and was unaware of how I was treating my body. I wasn’t as bad as Ms. Hilde but I wasn’t that far off. What she experience is so true and I’m thankful for her sharing her journey. Continued Good Luck.

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