Q&A 344 - Myopathy, Neurological Symtoms, Breathing Problems

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11:05 – Unknown- “I am suffering from a kind of myopathy (muscle atrophy) but I have no genetic markers. I am 90% raw food, except dinner in winter or I consume soups, nothing industruel and rarely meat.”…

20:28 – Lawrence – “I bought your Anti-Fungal Salve and use it for ringworms. I have had very slow, or no progress and wonder if there is a better herbal combination that you make for this specific fungal problem.”

21:47 – Please talk about H. Pylori.

25:54 – Mary- “My friend’s symptoms are a variety of serious pain in her neurological symptoms but there are no nerve rings indicated. I don’t want to confuse the issue but she says she has lyme.”

33:38 – Nair – “I have a request. Could you make a short video about menstruation?”

43:33 – Rossella – “I have dcis(cancer in the ducts and in the cells in different parts of the breast)Mastectomy recommended.taking:kidney tonic, lymph tonic capsules, heal all tea.Diet:fruits and vegs with some cooked vegs with rice or buckwheat noodles.Also suffering from some inflammation in the stomach but I am scared of using your stomach, endocrine, adrenals tonic and stomach tea as they contain wild yam root which can promote estrogen.What's your view on this?

51:15 – Michel – “Is there any validity to the IGG (silent inflammation) test?

51:50 – Shiraz – I have been through chronic breathing problems sometimes so serious that it makes me feel like my days are over.”…

1:02:35 – Katya – What do you think od dry fasting? It seems very harsh to me. If you know how it works, what it does to the body please explain.”…

1:12:01 – Renee – “I am currently in week 2 of your 14 week kit. Loving it, I sensed I had parasites and sure enough there they are, exiting thick and fast!”…

1:27:12 – Curvon – “I have a 18mth old girl who is always rubbing her eyes and digging her nose. I suspect she is congested in her sinus and her eyes have been looking puffy for months. I brought her to the MD and he has sent her for allergy testing which we are awaiting the date. For now, I ordered upper circulation, brain and nerve, kidney and adrenal formulas for her. I have been giving her 1/3 dropperful/ea/day so far.  Im having a hard time getting her to eat fully raw b/c of fam. Any suggestions?”

1:34:22 - Victoria – “I have been juicing fruits for 19 months 80% plus herbs this period ( Nervous' Upper' Adrenal' Parastie'Endocrine' Heart' Skin'Connecton issue' Gi Broom'Stron Bones) As a side effect of detox acneea appears' it s really strong ! I know Kidney arent filter as they should be' Are fruit fead candita' I detox too deep that s foresure' thus my accnea! I am so worried' I love myself and I love what I am doing but I think i skip something in this ecuation  Could be  my liver' cause or pancreas

1:38:25 - April – 4-year-old diabetic, type 1, diagnosed this year….

1:59:43 – Houry - I am frugivore 75% for 4 years but I struggled to recover. I have a question about the fruit. When I eat fruit sometimes I have discomfort that lasts several minutes. I have the impression that it me quarterly cells or that you saw me in two. This only happens to me not always but when it it is very annoying and I feel bad. do you have an explanation or others like me.

2:02:46 – Gary – 41-year-old diagnosed with multiple sclerosis November 18,2014.

2:09:20 – Peggy – I need assistance in a reasonable way in detoxing I am a breast cancer survivor and I’m currently having problems with swollen lymphatic glands.

2:16:39 – Jason – Our earliest ancestors did eat fruit for millions of years, but, they also ate insects and soft leafy greens; wouldn’t that make us omnivores?...

2:23:22 – Melanie – “Can your body heal and be healthy after a complete hysterectomy or will there forever be an imbalance in the adrenal pituitary ovary thyroid connection.

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Dawn on Mar 25, '18

I wished you would have explained how to get rid of h pylori. I don’t eat meat or dairy, processed and I eat all organic..,.. And I had a bad bout a year ago and am almost certain it’s back.

Bill McMillan on Dec 10, '15

Appreciate your videos. Your audio is not as good in your new office. Echoes.

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