7 year old boy with Leukemia DEMANDS investigation of SAN DIEGO Juvenile Court

Nov 15, '16
I AM creating CHRISTIAN'S ARMY for my son who has leukemia. Christian was taken from his dad in what appears to be a clear case of fraud in San Diego Juvenile Court. Case No. NJ014844-The matter of CHRISTIAN ARNOLD. The Court Orders state that a JEAN P. LEONARD was at a August 13, 2016 hearing that stripped custody from the person named. However, evidence from County Counsel suggests that JEAN P. LEONARD was not there!!! This is a MAJOR violation of due process and grounds for a fraud case opened by the District attorney... (There are other fatal defects as well.) Please support this cause by raising awareness of this disgusting situation so that a little boy with leukemia can reunite with his loving father! Subscribe and share if you like kids.... The fraudulent documents are in link under the first video I did or wait for an upcoming video where I edit them into the video. chadofthearnoldfamily@gmail.com

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