Q&A - 342 - Fruit, Titanium implants, Prostatitis

Nov 9, '151 comment
10:33 – Laurent – “I live in Hawaii and can't come to Florida. I am a person who likes a diet made of veggies and fruit but each time I stick to this diet I lose a lot of weight and since I am already not very fat it's like I am loosing my muscles..I wonder if it's due to the fact that I am not eating enough or if my diet is not for me..I am trying to find a diet that suits me from breakfast to dinner to be able not loose weight or even gain weight..How can I do that? thanks a lot”

19:10 – Agnes – “What is fruit? Am I right by saying that green beans, eggplant, peas, cucumber, zucchini are also fruits because they are the result of a mature flowers?”

25:37 – Sara Mae – “Is it a goo idea to get a titanium implant? What is the alternative to titanium implantation that you know of?”

29:13 – Raffaella - I am reading your book "the detox miracle "and in my health situation it make sense perfectly.I am starting to understand why in many years o homeopatic therapy I had no results. I have a lot of food intolerances including many vegetables and fruits and it is not possible to follow the row food diet.3years ago I became electrosensitive and my life was in danger and I need to detox.do you think you can help me? Thank you, Raffaella

35:04 – Sarah – “I don’t even know where to start. Right now I’m dealing with a breakup and I have an almost 3 year old son. I’m Scottish but live in New Zealand – I don’t have much family here so not too much support on hand.” (Please see video for more detail).

1:106:40 – Olivia Faigel – “The anti-vaccination movement is the reason there was an outbreak of measles in my town. Measles!”

1:09:03 – Boris – “I am a 31 year old man suffering from prostatitis for 8 months now. Urologist has been no help. I’m wondering what can I do to get better?”

1:12:49 – Tanya – “Hiya, I have recently discovered you and am now eating mainly melons, fruit & berries. I still feel I could feel more energetic & want some advice as to what herbs to take. I had non-hodgkins lymphoma in between my lungs 16 years ago & had cheemo & radio & have had MRI scans once a year for about 6 years now. I want to stop having the checks & just make myself healthy & well, can you advise? I also have 3 fungal toenails, I am a bit tired & can be quite a shouty mum! Please help xx”

1:21:00 – Nishanthi - I've heard you say protein is not useful for people to consume. Does the same apply to collagen powder obtained from pasture-raised cows? Isn't collagen easier to digest and absorb compared to other proteins such as cheese or nuts, and alkaline rather that acidic?
1:22:20 – Barbara – “I have search regarding your take on hemophilia (A, inherited from mother, severe ). We are vegan but husband is still taking factor VIII as a prophylaxis to reduce damage from bleeding episodes. Already had knee replacementioned three years ago at 37. Choice of herbs to detox is limited as some say to avoid if bleeding disorders. Any input? Many thanks for your great videos. Learning so much :) from chilly South Africa.”

1:24:36 – Allen – Thank you Dr. Morse! 24-year-old male student going for Renewable Energy in Wisconcin. Interested in joining the team of natural healers/detoxification specialist.

1:27:52 – Colleen – 13 year old with type 1 Diabetes.

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Bren on Nov 21, '15

Thank you Dr. Morse for sharing your knowledge, & opinions w/this world. I have been following you for almost 2 yrs. now, after my body started shutting down from an entire Life of ill health.. I was born ill, lived w/allergy shots every week until I was done in High school. I have over 200 known allergies, many being foods & herbs, so this has been a real learning experience for me. I’m 55 yr old female… I eat 99% Raw & Organic for the past 2 yrs. This particular Video hit So many personal issues, it could have been me writing them..I learned a lot today! Thank you, there is so much more I wish to say, however, I know you are very busy & will try to keep things on the light side. Keep being the Wonderful Being that is YOU …Peace

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