Dr. Morse and Special Guest

Nov 6, '154 comments

Dr. Morse and Special Guest

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Nicole on Nov 8, '15

It’s the absolute truth. This message is my experience, I haven’t crossed over yet but I’m pushing through on my way to Wellville.
My question is what does Level II mean? Is Level I your own healing?

Monica Posada on Nov 8, '15

hello, I ’m interested in learning more on how to prevent cancer after having gone through ovarian cancer, hysteroctomy, chemo 3 years ago. thanks!

Christiane on Nov 8, '15

Truly one of the greatest videos I’ve watched in a long time. I was so touched and this video expressed everything that is inside of me, that I want to shout out to the world. I was only going to watch 15 min then stop, watch again, but I couldn’t stop. I know my purpose is to help people on their healing journey, to educate, but I struggle with how and where to begin. I’m class of learning to be a transformational nutrition coach but once I leave Egypt I will look into Level 1 of your course. You truly touched my heart and your genuineness is unsurpassed. Thank you and thank you Athena as well, what a lovely soul

Blessings to both of you,


Gino Evangelista on Nov 7, '15

Hi what did she take to get her hair back ?

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