The Simplicity of Cancer

Oct 23, '1510 comments
Cancer is just a word for damaged cells. A strong immune system is the answer. Use natural wellness to overpower illness.

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alison on Feb 28, '17

Great information ..simply put ..thank you so much!

Christine aronsson on Nov 8, '15

Naturell is allas right

tracey scott on Nov 8, '15

do you have any trained detox specialists in south africa?

mairead crabb on Nov 7, '15

What about drinking alkaline water, even drinking filtered water is not a lot better than tap water. Just one thing to remember when drinking Alkaline water is not to take it at the same time of taking medication. I have come across many ex cancer patients who are now fcancer free since taking this water. I take Kangen water and it can be bought cheaply by the gallon.

Diane Kraus on Nov 6, '15

I love this video. He states the facts succinctly in such a simple graphic fashion!

Vicky on Oct 25, '15

Loved it!

Kaela Nathan on Oct 23, '15

Interested in any articles on malt cancer and Dysphagia.

Nick on Oct 23, '15

Very good video. Cancer and all degenerative conditions (as the ignorant
medical profession calls “diseases”)are really symptoms of acidosis.The more
severe (the longer and more those acids accumulate in ones cells) the worse the symptoms
and degeneration.Detoxification ( done with raw ripe fruit and herbs and if needed a
glandular for a short period of time) is the only way to truly get healthy.Every cell has
a lymphatic pathway to be cleaned out and if not that is when acids accumulate and
symptoms and degeneration begins.Thank you for the video.

Joan C. Brock on Oct 23, '15

This is so simple and so clear. You might consider doing this video again (tweak it a little), but entitle it THE SIMPLICITY OF HEALING ANY PHYSICAL AILMENT.

Adrienne Gill on Oct 23, '15

Brilliant representation of the pure and simple healing of our illnesses through Gods greatest gift of Mother Nature! Thankyou! Blessings to you and Dr. Morse for spreading the Love <3

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