Q&A 341- Epidermolysis Bullosa, Head Injury, Chaga Mushrooms

Oct 20, '15
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8:28 – Eds Thoughts – “I have a friend suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa and I was wondering if you have ANY info or treatments she may be able to take that could help pr rid her of this horrible disease.”

17:16 – Lori – Would like to see more testimonials.

18:50 – Andy – “I have a question relating to a severe head injury sustained by my best friend in June of last year. He is a 31 yr old male who had a fall from a height of roughly 20 ft. He sustained the impact on his left temple and was subsequently induced into a coma to prevent further swelling. He remained in the coma for 5 weeks, had a tracheostomy performed on him where it remained for several months. He is maling a great effort in his recovery but is still in hospital in the U.K.“…

31:08 – Alex – “It’s a lot of misleading information out there, with official “studies”/ My concern lies that I have seen people first get well with the vegetarian/vegan diet but then get worse after awhile. Would you know why that is? Can we point out that animal food could be a causative factor for disease? One of the thing also is that apes also eat fleas and other animal foods.”

46:38 – “What formulas do you need to get rid of toxins? Would the lymph formulas be enough because of the chaparral in them or do you need other formulas?”

52:31 – Mara – “You are AMAZEBALLS! I love how passionate you are with health, I appreciate all that you do to help us souls. My 7 year old son had a brain tumor removed from cerebellum, in hospital they have been giving him steroids and narcotics for pain and muscle cramps antibiotics etc once he is home what can I do to detox this stuff out? I Want to strengthen him. And help him become healthy as well as myself.”

1:01:49 – Diana – “I wondered if you could tell me if taking Chaga Mushroom tincture is good or not. I have been doing far infrared sauna for 3 months and have eaten organic only and vegetarian/vegan diet but I remembered when I went vegetarian in 1990 with tons of fresh fruit how amazing I felt. I had tons of energy and I wasn’t concerned with weight gain. What are the best fruits.”

1:10:25 – “I’m writing you about some issues that have plagued me for about years, I have a number of amalgam fillings and I want them out but can’t afford to nor do I want any more foreign chemicals in my mouth. So I want to pop out my fillings and regrow my teeth naturally. I have had amalgams for 10-14 yrs or so, I’ve lost track at the point.”

1:34:49 – Lisa - I would like to personally thank you for the movement you are creating through your videos, through spreading your knowledge, and through your love for the Universe! Thank you for reminding us all, everything that is already in us that we have forgot through this lifetime.... I wanted to ask you which of your herbs you would recommend for HSV-Simplex Type 2. I am glad to say I have been on an all fruit, melons, and berries diet for a week now! SO FAR I'M FEELING GREAT! In your videos you mentioned to attack the lymph system, but is there a specific kit you recommend specifically to detox this out of the body?

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