Q&A 338 - Migraines, Thyroid Cancer, Thinness, Anxiety.

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1:45 – Still Wearing My Heels by Michelle Frazzetto.

5:00 – Article – Periods – They May Be “Normal”, But Are They Healthy?

15:31 – Article – Nuts and Phytic Acid: Should You Be Concerned?

20:18 – Tulay – I have been suffering from migraines for about 36 years. I get them every month and it lasts 3 or sometimes 4 days. During this time, I’m in bed, unable to eat or drink anything and throwing up constantly.

26:01 – Maria - My name is Maria. Seven months ago I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. I didn't wanted to get my thyroid out and to do radioactive iodine but I refused. I have my righ side compromised and lymph nodes swollen in my right side. I have a eight month old baby and i'm breast-feeding her. She seems to be a very healthy baby. I decided to get into juicing and eating organic foods. I went to a naturopath and got lots of supplements as well to a doctor that works in functional medicine

31:17 – Jess – I have a question for you about my husband (he would write himself but he is French) who is working very hard trying to get himself well but is very worried about his weight loss. He has been on a three week grape fast and his weight is now down to 49 kilos (which I believe is 108 lbs) for a height of 5ft 11.

53:33 – Aaron - was hoping you could help me with my wife Katie. She has been having a lot of anxiety and panic attacks for a little over a year now, and it comes on for seemingly no reason at all. She has always had anxiety to some degree, but it has been getting worse and worse. It can cause severe headaches, usually it causes chest pain, difficulty breathing (not to the dangerous point) tightness in back muscles, irritability, etc. The list goes on.

1:12:41 – Nicolas - Just wanted to make a comment on protein. Over the years the shift from protein to fat has become very popular amongst the practitioners, Naturopath and many doctors. I rarely hear anyone focusing on protein anymore, but many taking in lots of omega 3 oils and fats. In fact, many recommend 15% or so of protein and 15% carbs with the rest of calories coming from fats rich in omega 3 which are believed to be anti inflammatory and helpful to pull acids out of the body. Omega 6 are not recommended for they would promote inflammation. What are your thoughts on that?1:44:59 – Dr. Morse what are your thoughts on the Annunaki creating humanity and reptilian specied living amongst us below the earth’s surface. Also how about the 6 extinct human races in the past and lord Enki, our “true creator”

1:51:50 – Jeanette - Dear sir, I've been listening to ND Morse's presentations for two days now, and raw with some lapses for about 3 weeks. Had some detox symptoms here and there. I had a recent dream I saw a specialist doctor, who gave me a warm compress for my nose and said to blow. The snot ran and ran. I pay attention to dreams. Robert discusses mucous. Maybe this is a good place for guidance? Type 1 diabetes, and had cancer (left hand gone), and have had 13 amalgams removed. 34 year old female.

1:58:02 - I have started your diet, mostly fruits, berries and melon but I was wondering what you are thinking of the Ayurvedic medecine or chinese medecine which recommend to eat some fish or food cooked because people needs are different? thanks a lot for what you are doing!

2:01:24 – I started losing my hair when I was 15. Of course tests showed everything fine except bilirubin levels three times to high. I started having the white of my eyes yellow when I was young, like around 6 or 8. Doctors: yeah its begnine, one of the weirdness of this world.

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Sherry on Nov 11, '16

love this show,thank you,Dr. Morse for sharing all this info…..I am learning so much….my health is improving greatly from eating more berries and melons and fruits,no dairy,meat or bread or pasta.

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