Q&A - 336 - Nutritional deficiency, Bags under the eyes, Teeth grinding

Sep 9, '154 comments
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1:18 – Nutritional deficiency

37:39 – Joe – “What is the body telling us when a person has bags under both eyes? Is this Kidney weakness? An Adrenal Gland weakness? Or both?”

41:34 - Amy & Celeste – Which readings on Spirituality do you suggest?

43:42 - Danny - My name is Danny, I am a 26 year old male. I grind my teeth in my sleep and even chipped a tooth two years ago. I have dandruff, and had a couple yeast infections on my genitals, and around my anus over the last few years. These seem to have came back when I started eating mostly raw but now have disappeared except I still have mild dandruff. I think I understand the protocol. RAW with as much fruit as possible. I am trying to just juice the vegetables instead of eating them. I am going to take the FAB FOUR, PARASITE M, UPPER CIRC, BRAIN AND NERVE, and HEAL ALL TEA. Drew hooked it up with the suggestion. Both my older brother and mother suffer from grinding as well. My question is this: I hear that teeth grinding (bruxism) comes from parasites (candida), what is your opinion? Also my mother had a mental break down during high stress situations during the 2008 financial crisis. She also suffers from regular sinus infections and allergies, I think these are all related (including the grinding). My brother had ear infections as a young child, and now has swollen lymph nodes in the jaw. Would this suggest we are genetically susceptible to stagnant lymph in the head area? This seems to make more sense than blaming the teeth grinding on candida. What are your thoughts? Also, do you have any tips on knowing if I stopped grinding?

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Steph on Sep 14, '15

I just wanted to say how captivating both Dr. Morse and Marci are. The testament to the success of Dr. Morse’s methods is reflected in their shining faces, their glowing personalities, and their passion about their work. From the very first frame of this video, I felt and saw a radiance that could only be generated from a source of pure love, light, energy and clarity. At first, I thought, “wow, these two keep themselves so well manicured!” But no, I realized, they could have been covered in sackcloth and ashes and their beauty and radiance would have been no less. Well done! :D

anita on Sep 12, '15

One of the best videos, as this always comes up, and many lack understanding.
I love researching, and you mentioned wanting info on thymus as it is related to what, specifically? kidneys, or, the other glands…please let me know if I can assist on a research mission :)

Lora Lowe on Sep 11, '15

Well all i can say is you saved my life. over night Acidosis so bad kidney failure , my hair fell out. skin fell off over an over. well hair growing back skin looking great. And yes kidney working great . Bless you all .

stacy on Sep 10, '15

This was the best video. I love them all but really liked this. Love to hear you talk about how and why and having marci there

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