Q&A 335 - Geographic Tongue, Adenoids, Allergies, Vitiligo.

Sep 9, '15
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1:18 – Firmfoot – “Thank you for all that you do for us, I'm soaking it in. after being on a 3 day apple juice fast I now have a geographic tongue. What does it mean? I also have undigested food in my stools. how can I fix that? I am pregnant so I hesitate to take herbs. I only take the GI Broom. Is it safe for me to do a 10day grape fast while pregnant? Sorry I'm so direct but I can only fit 500 characters in the form on your site :( Will hypothyroid fix with raw fruit and fasting? Sending blessings your way, EB”

14:43 - Day M - I am new to commenting/asking questions so sorry if this is not the best place for it. I was looking for advice on the topics of adenoids, allergies, and vitiligo. I had my adenoids removed when I was young. I read about the lymph nods being similar to the adenoids for your immune system. I have terrible allergies to my dog and I live with my parents. Neither me or my family would ever have the heart to give up our dog, as she is like our child. However, I am trying so hard to fix these problems. My allergies to my dog are so servere that it prevents me from sleeping well, I am sick all day at times, my energy is drained, and I avoid going home spending most of my time at my boyfriend's house. I also have vitiligo on my face which I learned is caused from what I used to eat. I would assume not having adenoids also negatively impacts this? I have been vegetarian for a couple months now and did a fruit fast for a few days in the past. I need to improve on having a mucousless diet and plan on going on another fruit fast soon. I was just hoping you can give me further advice/tell me the best path to take. I've also switched my diet a year ago to all organic and gluten free. I'm just praying that there is still hope to improve my symptoms/cure myself even after my adenoids have been removed.

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