Q&A - 332 - Mini Strokes, Crohns Disease, HPV, Laxatives

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1:03 – Katya – “During teenage years had something doctors called "ministrokes". My head would hurt like hell for a few days, one side of my body would go numb, couldn't speak coherently, felt disoriented. It would happen a lot after vigorous physical activities. Hasn't happened in a few years though”…

15:11 – Yvonne – "I have 2 questions for you, if that is ok. First, Yvette told me that you don't like Diatomaceous Earth and that she should not take it. Do you just don't recommend it at all, or just for some people? My daughter just started taking it 2 weeks ago and just got back from the doc, who diagnosed her with Crohns Disease. For her, in your opinion, should she continue DE or stop taking it?”

22:56 – Robby – “I love your youtube channel, i really love how you explain things and are doing a great job, thanks so much. First of all when i go the bathroom to urinate i always leak about 2 mins after, i also wake up in the night to urinate alot as well, also constant itching at night especially around my groin and is basically scarred from constant itching. Im 6ft5 inch about 92kg"...

32:17 – Stephan – “You say humans are frugivores the apes eat not only fruit, but up to 50% green leaves and a little amount animal sourced foods. i found everywhere in literature that fructose is 90% metabolized in the liver, converted to Glucose I´d like to know what you think of that.”

41:24 – Allison – Allison – “I’m a 20 year old women and I have hpv (genital warts and I don’t know how to get rid of them.”

46:43 – Leticia – “I think I heard Dr Morse say we could write to you and ask for the instructions about how to make tinctures .Is this possible ? Could you tell me how ?”

51:56 – Sarah – “I’m wondering how to wean ones self off of laxatives and get the colon working naturally/regularly/properly again? I’m noticing an increase in acne, weight gain and body odor since relying on Senna to move my bowels after taking antibiotic.”

56:23 – Kristin – “I’m about to buy a waterfilter and im looking into getting a reverse osmosis. I hope it’s a good choice to drink everyday. Can I use the water for when im doing an enema? Firar time bying a waterfilter”

58:40 – Diana – “Urine will be cloudy if kidneys are filtering and urine will also be cloudy if it contains crystals (like amorphous phosphates. Is there any connection to kidney filtration and these crystals? My urine upon arising in morning is usually alkaline and cloudy which I think is due to crystals, not filtration."...

1:02:12 – Pep – “I must say thank you for sharing your knowledge and inspiring us! My mum was diagnosed with ALS in Dec 2014. She has been gluten, diary and sugar free since. Sadly, deterioration has been rapid. Frozen muscles in arms, poor speech and swallow reflex &constantly tired"...

1:08:27 – Victor – “I have digestion problems and feel funny with fruits but ok with bad food. Also have varicose veins and stasis dermatitis :(. I just started with fab four and fruits . How long to see results for this conditions? I enjoy your videos very much :)”

1:11:50 – Terry – “Can you explain why someone would need to have 70 cc’s of fluid removed from their knee? They are an athlete.”

1:17:13 – Renjiro – “I feel like I constantly have air bubbles stuck in my stomach that's interfering with proper digestion that's not being relieved by simeticone or drinking 7Up/Sprite. Any suggestions to release it? It's very annoying and uncomfortable.”

1:19:36 – Marc – “Just saw a surgeon who wants to remove gallbladder. Have almond size mass & elevated liver enzymes over the last 8 months (AST/ALT 96/93)"...

1:27:41 – A’oi – I’m beginning to feel anxiety in my body, but I’m not creating anxious thoughts. How does this happen? Also, what can I expect to experience, as I begin to heal my zig zag collerett?

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Can u comment on YouTube if cleavers are the best way to detox lymph?

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