Q&A - 331 - Sore Fingertips, Crohns, Endometriosis

Aug 31, '151 comment
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04:28 – 1983SMOGGY – “Please can anyone help my son’s fingertips are peeling and look sore does anyone know what this is?”

10:58 – Kelly – “My brother, who is now 57, was diagnosed with Crohns when he was just 28. At one time he carried his weight around 180 pounds and was a one of the fastest high school track sprinters in the U.S. Now, almost thirty years and some four surgeries later, he is down to under 105 pounds and I fear he is giving up. I questioned him about his diet and it does not appear it has been set to allow his body to heal or much less function. He mentioned he is eating hamburger, hot sauce on foods, yogurt, bread, and jelly to name a few. He claims he cannot eat fruit of veggies as they pass right through him quickly and causing diarrhea. I know that he takes medications for pain and has for years. I believe there are diagnosed moderate to severe liver and gall bladder problems as well.“

19:56 – Carol – “My Cairn Terrier suffers from extreme subborea (sp??) agrivated by allergies to grains. Is there anything that will CURE this? We both suffer when he scratches all night.”

23:17 – Rashette – “What are you recommendations for endometriosis? Thank you for all the information you share with us.”

25:52 – Randy – “I've been a student of Arnold Ehret and Hilton Hotema over the years. I know that you have referenced both of them from time to time as being in line with your viewpoints. I have enjoyed the messages you share and now consider you to be up there in the same league with the two of them. I know that Ehret and Hotema both felt that the nutrition theory is a myth and that the human body is really sustained by the air that we breathe, sunshine, fragrances of flowers, etc. I've often heard you speak of nutrition, malabsorption, and vitamins. Are you a believer in the theory of nutrition obtained from food?”

37:49 – Laurent – “1) I have teeth root resorption (3 teeth) because of wrong manipulation from the dentist when having teeth retainers..they told me that three of my teeth were dead because the nerves connected to them were dead...is there any chance to grow again these nerves? 2) I am on diet on melon, berries, fruits most of the time with some greens here and there but I noticed that some of the teeth in the back of the mouth are becoming sensitive to brushing...any idea why?”

41:16 – Valentina – “hello love your videos .. I have an APPT with Elizabeth Duponte on SEPT 2nd. I have a left breast tumor that I refused biopsy . besides that I have been diagnosed with mind PERIPHERAL ARTHERY DISEASE . I'm always cold and I have like a swelling by my left knee. also purple spot on my feet legs that come and go depending on the temperature .if its 78 % and up my legs are white if its 75 ish 70 anything cool my legs purple but if I lay in bed at night my legs white in the morning .. help”

47:17 – Tresa – “For severe spider and varicose veins I have been on 10mg of parathyroid three times per day. In recent video dr morse suggested higher doses for me. He said in his last video he is going to 50 mg of parathyroid. Do I now do 50 mg 3x day? Or would it be 50 mg one time per day?”

48:46 – 32commonsenseguy – “Is organic msm beneficial?”

48:56 – atexascash3502 – “whats wrong with cinnamon?”

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Nick on Sep 1, '15

If people do not change their diet to mainly raw ripe fruits and some vegetables they will never ever truly get healthy(well).

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