A Special Message To Everyone In The Youtube and Facebook Groups

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A Special Message To Everyone In The Youtube and Facebook Groups

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Donna Armstrong on Nov 18, '15

The causes cannot always be undone – Not everyone can afford to quit toxic work places and fresh well ripened fruits are not available everywhere even seasonally sometimes – There are lots of pesticides and growth hormones in mangos and kiwis respectively unless organic and list goes on and on. What do you suggest? Go into astral plane and just enjoy what is within, do what you can and just enjoy it? I guess I answered own question.

Donna Armstrong on Nov 18, '15

Many except organic mangos have pesticides, kiwis use growth hormones, few fruits are tree ripened and in general organic fruit when even available is difficult to get hold of or only grows all year round in tropics. What do you suggest for people in colder climates who work in closed in buildings and are at registers handling BPA all day and all the other toxins. People just cannot quit their jobs. Should they cultivate just the astral plane and get very introverted as their life energy is a bit low or stimulate themselves as they can through “sex” coffee or herbs or whatever?

Corey on Aug 25, '15

Dr. Morse
You are SO awesome. Always reminding me to keep it simple and let go of my ego’s desires. Life is so much better that way. Thank you. May the blessings be;)

Cheryl on Aug 20, '15

Thank YOU!

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