Q&A 328 - Acne, Diabetes, Depression, Lymph Nodes.

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6:00 – Health problems disappear when captive gorillas fed wild diet.

11:53 – KFC donating Pepsi sales to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

14:51 – Mahesh’s letter.

23:28 – Jasmine – “I am feeling great but I am struggling with acne since I was 16.. I have watched dr morse's on YouTube and wanna some help to what kind of herbs should I take to definitely cure my acne. I can't eat tomatoes and other foods and I think this is only a sign that my body is full of toxins BC fruit allergies doesn't have to exist in a healthy body.”

47:28 – Alexa – “I am suffering with severe acne after getting off birth control 1 year ago and also have not gotten my menstration back since. I have been vegan for 3 years and raw for 10 months now. Keeping intake fruit high and for a while only doing fruit. I was also on ur herbs for a while but couldnt afford them anymore. I will be starting on them again soon. I know skin is linked to kidneys, liver and adrenals but I am grtting severely depressed waiting to heal. Please Help.”

58:20 – Sophia – “I have type 1 diabetes, bloating lack of energy, and always feeling tired. Iv'e been on insulin for 10 years and would love to get off. Can it take years for me to heal the damage? And have you had clients that have reversed their type 1 after being on insulin fot several years? Does it take them years? I currently eat only fruit and think i'm on the glucose loading phase.I check my blood sugars multiple Times' a day. I really hope its possible to heal from this. Your'e the best doc.”

1:09:33 – A’oi - I was feeling extremely depressed while fruit feasting. Within 10 minutes of eating cooked veggies, I stopped detoxing and the depression lifted. How does the depression lift that fast? What is happening in the brain and body?

1:10:56 – Colleen – A child in my life-one for whom I unfortunately have little say in terms of life decisions- has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She is 13 years old. Please be so kind to speak to the fear this child’s parents face as they become increasingly indoctrinated into the world of daily insulin injections!

1:21:50 – Katya – 5 questions submitted – Veneers, infrared sauna, dark brown radii solaris, healing lines, Jensen’s Iridology book.

1:40:29 – Bryan – 17-year-old with a swollen lymph node in the back of his head. Difficulty urinating and having a hard time with acne.

2:03:12 – Jorge – I have an iguinal hernia and a vocal cord nodule. I get hoarse and my neck muscles hurt after teaching classes in a technical college. The hernia gives ne excruciating pain after some time of being standing. How can I be directed to personally ask for any remedy that could heal both conditions?

2:09:48 – Daisy Fields – Would you say its okay to eat fruit with some manuka honey on top?

2:10:32 - Alydia Forten – Can this cure scoliosis?

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Dorothy Snyder on Aug 29, '15

Thank you Dr. Morse for doing what you do.

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