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36:06 – Katya - Dr. Morse you are awesome! Thank you! In a recent video you said a guy on your program got skinny because of the mal-absorption first. I have been cleansing with herbs and eating only fruits. How long does it usually takes to heal mal-abso. and what is the best way to go about it? Also I have a lot of radi isolarises going up all over my head area. Please recommend the fastest way to cleanse it? I've been taking black walnut hull, wormwood and clove buds. But not sure how much I should take it

48:21 – Thomas - Hello Dr. Morse, first off I'd like to say that I am a regular viewer of your YouTube videos and would like to thank you for immense knowledge about the human body. I've been on a plant based diet for seven months now to cure my eczema and came across your videos about two months ago. Since then I have upped my fruit intake to over 90% of my diet, and recently have been consuming 100% fruit on most days. I can tell it is helping a lot. I was interested in purchasing one of your herbs but I am not sure if I should get one for the kidneys or the adrenals. Look forward to hearing back from you.

57:40 – Sara - Dr. Morse. I have bee on the road to Wellville for a little over two years. I've am inspired to reach out to others in the Community, and formally have put together a Facebook page called: Hellville To Wellville. It's just in the beginning stages, and is a work in are all of us! Feel free to share this information with others. This page is for sharing experiences encouragement, support. Facebook: Hellville To Wellville

01:03:49 – Deborah – God and the spiritual connection.

01:19:55 – Emily - Could you please ask Dr. Morse to address the question of total hair loss that happened within a two week period.My friend had a full head of hair and all other normal hair and lost it all suddenly without any apparent reason. It has now been one year and no hair has come back.I would like to write you a longer message but this format will not accept a longer message.

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Leonard Nelson on Jan 10, '17

Thank you for every story on staying healthy,detoxing for health,understanding our Lymphatic System and helping me learn about my Adrenal Glands. To be honest, I’ve lived a very healthy life in the sense of never spending a day or night in hospital, well since I had Rheumatic Fever at 10 years of age. I read books on how to eat to good health and fed my children same as what I ate and we all rarely catch the annual flu’s and cold’s that circulate our Neighborhood. For the last two years I’ve been researching our First Nations traditional medicine and listen to stories of people being cured of Cancer after medical Drs send them home to die,family and elders take them and give them our medicine to fight off cancer. This was three years ago and they’re all still alive,6 family and friends in total in our town and villages close by. Now I’ve discovered Dr Morse protocols and applaud his program. I’ve been promoting Dr Morse story as much as possible with many in disagreement because they can’t decolonize their mind which is their choice, my family will be healthier as before and now gain more knowledge to stay healthier. Fruits,berries,grapes and melons plus eating raw veggies will be the go-to-food in our house :) cheers to Dr Morse and his team Gilakas’la(ty) from Pacific North West Coast of Canada

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