Q&A 323 - Hashimoto's Alkaline, Black Salves

Jul 29, '151 comment
Questions & Answers 323

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4:09 – Can you please explain Hoshimoto’s/Autoimmune and how to approach it.

20:49 – "What does it mean if my urine is alkaline and also my saliva is alkaline? I have been eating mostly raw ripe fruit and the rest have been raw to warming up (not cooking) vegetables consistently for about 5 months now with no slip-ups. I noticed this over the past 2 weeks and my urine smells most of the sweet most of the time. I tested the urine and saliva with PH paper and the results was purple."

30:48 – Sofia - "Thank you for all the wisdom you share! I am 23 years old and have been vegan for about 4 years, and vegetarian for 5 years before that. I had severe acne during my teens and, as a result, was taking several different antibiotics, birth control pills, and eventually Roaccutane during my teens. All would temporarily treat my acne, then it would come back. With this, I also had many weight fluctuations and disordered eating patterns. I have come to realise the raw vegan diet is the way to go. I have been raw now for nearly two months. I have noticed improvements in my skin, but would like to accelerate my progress and also the lose excess 15kg I am carrying. I would like to know what you would recommended as the ideal diet? Are there any fruit and vegetables to completely exclude? I am still eating some avocado daily, and do eat nuts every other day or so. Should I completely take out fats? Also, would you recommend I just fast to completely heal?"

43:22 – Alex – "I recently looked into cancer salves. But the I stumbled upon the medically correct site that mentioned it being harmful. Can you shred a light on this?"

53:32 – Max and Maddy - "Hi, my wife and I are praying our baby is going to be ok. The fetus has been diagnosed with a cystic hygroma. I've read this can be caused by an delayed or problematic lymphatic system in boys. It could also be a sign of a chromosome problem but we are praying its a boy and his lymphatic system has been delayed and the fluid build up around his body will drain if/when the lymphatic system starts working or is developed. My question to you is:- if my wife eats as though to cleanse or nourish her own lymphatic system will this help kick start our little boys LS? I know it's a long shot and nobody really knows that much about the fetus but I wanted your opinion. The MD's are just too clinical and work in %. I want to nourish and help our baby the best we can.Thankyou for your time reading this."

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Medoh on Jul 30, '15

When I had stage 4, inoperable ovarian cancer over 5 years ago (RAH!!) I was told to keep my body alkaline cuz cancer loves acidity. I measured my first urine of the morning to check. However, if the body is doing most of its clean-up during sleep wouldn’t we want acidic urine in the early a.m.?

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