4 Spots Left to the 30 Day Quarantine Detox and a FREE Detox Recipe Book!

4 Spots Left to the 30 Day Quarantine Detox and a FREE Detox Recipe Book!

May 15, '207 comments
How has your quarantine been going so far?
What if I told you that you can STILL take advantage of it?
If you’ve been struggling with emotions,
Have fallen off your detoxification or are new to detoxification,
Are looking to find your own sustainable method to detoxing,
Or have become stagnant with bettering your health…


The 30 Day Quarantine Detox has been providing others with satiating detox friendly recipes (good food combining, various levels of detoxification, low to mostly no salt, no to low overt-fat options, and no nuts or seeds at all!!), and everyone is getting personal guidance and accountability in making sure they leave quarantine in even better health!

If you haven’t signed up already, NOW is your chance! There are 4 more spots available. You can still join as enrollment has been extended until the 17th of May, where you’ll still get the full 30 days!!!

You’ll get everything you could possibly need to help support you in detoxification and this quarantine!

✔ 1 Personal Private 60 minute Coaching Session
✔ 30 Day Detoxification Meal Plan, Shopping List and Shopping Tips (5 pdf ebooks)
✔ 1 Detoxification and Mindset Essentials Handbook (1 pdf ebook)
✔ Daily Support
✔ 5 Virtual Group Coaching & Education Sessions
✔ Bonus: Exclusive discounts

All for the great price of $297, OR bring your friend(s) for $197 each. I don’t want you to miss out on the special launching price while it’s here. This is truly a wonderful deal and those that are taking charge of their health are making great changes already! For full details go to s-sonia.com/30daydetox

And the recipes I provide you are detox friendly, satiating, and make healthy eating fun!! That’s right, your detox experience doesn't haven't to be mono fruits all the time, but can be decadent and healing!

That’s why I want to offer you a FREE sample to the 30 Day Quarantine Detox so you can start making detox friendly meals in your home now.

Get your FREE sample of one full days worth of detox friendly meals from the 30 Day Quarantine Detox by going here: https://www.s-sonia.com/freerecipebook

I hope to see you inside taking use of this unique opportunity of being in quarantine - you deserve the best health!

For questions contact S. Sonia by clicking here at  or click here register so you can jump on a discovery call!

Comments (7)

Karen King on Jun 11, '20

Looking for assistance with detox. Thank you

Mary on Jun 11, '20

What is the cost of this program?

Rosie on Jun 11, '20

would love to participate but I am not able to afford this at this time.

Catherine Jaworski on Jun 11, '20

I would like to sign my mom and I up. My mom suffered a stroke 1 year ago and could benefit from this protocol.

Tracy Fitzpatrick on Jun 11, '20

Would love to join

Alisia Northrop on Jun 11, '20

Hello! How can I sign up for this 30 day quarantine detox?
Thank you! Alisia

Julie on Jun 11, '20

I would love to take this class.
I’ve been battling tendonitis, arthritis and bursitis, and Drs say it’s just all arthritis. I can’t move my hands, shoulders, arms.
I have super food, bone and muscle . I don’t know what to do.
Had surgery in ’18, lost gall bladder and cancer in kidney.

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