DEEP DETOX / CLEANSE with FRUIT: Public Domain Video

Jun 19, '1515 comments
These are wonderful videos we love and Mark has been gracious enough to allow us to share them far and wide with all of you! They quickly and succinctly explain the how’s and why’s of detoxification, fruit diets and herbs! Mark Gordon did an incredible job on these videos—They are great for expanding your own knowledge or an excellent resource for sharing with friends and family members who are unfamiliar with detox and don’t know where to start!

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Comments (15)

Sarah Gavin on May 26, '19

Love the simplicity of this video. Thank you

donavan jacobs on Apr 20, '18

A truly enlightening video

Carol kav on Apr 1, '18

Love your video it explains what I am learning at the moment so well. I’m at a resort in Koh Samui doing a fruit detox at the moment hope to continue when I am home

Cristina del Carmen Flores on Jan 17, '18

I need to detox… It’s time <3 I feel terrible

Lydia on Sep 6, '17

Encouraging video…i Started doing detox by eating fruits and salads….

Lindsay VanDellen on May 6, '17

Love this Deep Detox Using Friut video!!!!! Can’t wait to share it! Just starting this journey but excited!!!!!

cathy on Sep 19, '16

I have eczema on my skin-I stop going to the doctor-was not helping me.

anna on Sep 12, '16

thank thank is very wonderfull !! i don’t speack very well english but thank is beautiful !!

Harvey on Aug 31, '16

Primates eat meat. Ants , ticks, fleas , picking of eachother.

sebastien on Aug 24, '16

How many meals should I have on a day ?

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