Q&A 314 - Spider/Varicose Veins, Rosacea, Bronchitis...

Jun 18, '15
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06:25 – Jim – Spider/Varicose Veins – “So what happens to the veins to make them disappear and heal? I have never heard of a complete healing. I am wondering what changes or transformation the spider veins and varicose veins go through to completely vanish?, using the gland formulas and the high fruits/melons.”

12:07 – Cat – “I have several issues going on including Rosacea & ovarian cysts. I’m on week 2 of your detox program and my skin is better. I’m filtering and so excited. I’ve been a vegetarian for 30 yrs with the first 10 a vegan)…

31:15 – Ridder K – “What a quack.. doesnt know a single thing he talks about. Stop asking him questions he can’t answer properly..”

34:05 – Nigel – “2 videos on the subject but no specific advice on how to cure excess mucus? Other than eat a lot of fruit!???”

39:17 – Myla – “I need help now. I have had bronchitis a few times this winter and last year. And with it I got asthma. I have never had it before but it is bad. It is almost debilitating. I have no strength to even walk to the bathroom,. Please help me now. I need immediate help. I do not want to go to my GP again and get more antibiotics and steroids.”

47:43 – Fabiola – “GM, I would like to know if Dr. Morse has previous experience
with treating patients with Autism. My son 15 years old Miguel, and myself. I wonder if he could help me deal better with some issues my son is going through, like high chlesterol due to his dad's family inheritance, and some over weight due to medicines he is taking, aggressive behaviors that started in puberty. I would like to know if there is any financial aid to do this and go see Dr. Morse. I am a single mom. No child support.”

54:10 – Anne – “Does Dr. Morse have a protocol for treating Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). It's a neurodegenerative disease that leads to death. The average life-span is 7-8 years. I'm 2.5 years into it and am still degrading. It's very difficult for me to walk with a walker because of very poor balance. When I use the walker, I use it 100% of the time. In addition when I go outside, I typically use a scooter. My speech is very slurred and the Urologist has been able to help me with urinary incontinence. MSA is a type of Ataxia.

01:04:11 – GW – “My father was on all the herbal formulas kit weeks 1&2 including upper circulation brain & nerve and adrenals. He was doing very well and felling happy. He brought all the herbs to show Dr Bruce Moskowitz this medical doctor on his next follow up appt. this month. The Dr Moskowitz f told my father yes I'm familiar with Dr Morse and that he has seen these herbs cause liver disease and that the herbs are interfering with fathers current pharmaceutical medication of carvadopa/levadopa dopamine pills”…

01:20:40 – Claire – “I love learning new things through watching your videos! Could you talk about trichotillomania? That would be great!”

01:24:13 – Bradley – “Thank you for all your help and love for humanity, your wisdom has changed my life. I am looking forward to seeing you all in FL soon for Level 2. Will you please look at this short video or short article by Dr. John Douillard and respond to it. He is a Ayurvedic doctor and I have agreed with him on many things in the past but this article seems crazy. He goes into how fruit will make you fat, hurt the liver, make to blood coagulate, and many more things.

01:34:19 – Jessica – “Could you please discuss how to prevent birth defects? What do you think causes birth defects? What diet should someone follow if they are pregnant? What herbs or supplements would you suggest?”

01:44:16 – Tresa – “My 20 year old daughter has had serious food allergies since birth. Over the years the number of offending foods have increased. We have pursued natural health solutions and spent thousand of dollars. Environments allergies have greatly improved, but food allergies continue to be a devastating challenge. She is even unable to eat the basic fruits you recommend. I am putting her on adrenal and lymph. Can true food allergies be reversed?”…

01:49:29 – Julia –“ I was just wondering if you know any cure/treatment for visual snow?
I know it has been mentioned in one of your videos, but i can't seem to find the video where you talk about it. It would be great to hear back from you.”

01:54:32 – Joseph – “Is it okay to eat nonorganic fruit like grapes and others. I have no access to organic grapes or oranges or anything like that because fruit in Kentucky sucks. So for healing my interstitial cystitis is a lot of green juices and non organic fruit okay?"

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