The Truth about Cancer and Sunscreen

Jun 16, '153 comments

It takes roughly twenty-five years for a new idea to catch on in medicine (or for the medical community to catch up to what is already generally known!).  This is the time required for it to be tested in the vessel of "science" and become accepted as official policy.  Often, many years before this happens the general community comes to realize that the testing/research was wrong!  Remember, just because "everyone" says something, that does not make it true!  This is a prime example--the research has been available for YEARS supporting the fact that it's not sun exposure causing cancer, it's the chemicals in sunscreen!

The countries where skin cancer rates are highest are the ones that advocate sunscreen use the most!

Be smart about exposure, don't burn!  But it's all about moderation, and avoiding the sun out of fear of skin cancer is the absolute wrong thing to do! 

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fitz on Jun 17, '15

well…duh! what did you expect from a study in Scandanavia—extreme northern lattitudes with lowered sun intensity—-and people cover up with sun blockers —-frustrating Vitamin D production

esmeralda rabadan on Jun 17, '15

I had seen Dr. Glidden youtube video on Skin which provided this info and more. My family nolonger uses sunscreen. Thank goodness for social media.

Linda on Jun 17, '15

My husband has had skin cancer for over 15 years, and bad skin cancer. He never once used protection. His skin became like fried chicken skins because he burned a lot. The only thing that has helped him was through green juicing, including spirulina. Now his skin isn’t least 75% better, but it took months to achieve it.

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