Why Didn't My Doctor Tell Me Chemo Kills?

Jun 15, '153 comments

"It would be useful for all doctors in active practice perhaps to rethink the principal ethical mandate of all physicians since the time of Hippocrates– “nil nocere” – do no harm. The evidence is overwhelming now that chemotherapy only does harm. Would the oncologists promoting chemo to their patients ever take the same were the roles reversed?"

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Hephzibah Bassey on Mar 26, '17

I really appreciate the information and will you please send more.

Sylvia on Sep 12, '16

Some people will not listen to good advice, no matter what.
We can’t change the word, at least we tried.

Medoh on Jun 29, '15

I’m totally on board against chemo and have a friend who is choosing it now. She doesn’t want to hear me speak about alternatives or against chemo. I have to let spirit work this with her – it is her life, not mine.
However, while collecting articles that may support my convictions and I come accros one like this that gives no credit or references to their quotes, it severely weakens their credibility.

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