Q&A 310 - Pets, Brain Tumor, Itchy Palms/Feet

Jun 11, '15
06:35 – Simone – Advice for the YouTube Channel.

14:44 – Connie – 16-year-old Himalayan male cat – Kidney infection and damaged his kidneys and his vet said he has to be on subcutaneous sodium chloride every other day for the rest of his life. He is also hyperthyroid.

43:14 – Life Alive - Dr. Robert, when I play sports for more than an hour, I need 3 days to come back to a state of happiness and comfort in my physical. Is that because I am putting my body in an acidic state when exercising? Is there any drink or ways to help the body heal faster before and after long training? Thanks a lot. Big hug

48:19 – Tammie - I have had a brain tumour removed which has receptors for progesterone and oestrogone and appears to be hormonally driven. I have concerns about wild yam due to its hormone like effects in the body (the tumour was partially removed and could regrow). I am also wondering about the oestrogens in red clover. I have read that the plant oestrogens in soy products are beneficial but they definitely irritate the tumour site. Am I right to be concerned?

57:30 – Alex - I just have one question. When I eat a bunch of fruit in a day I get itchy palm or foot soon after 5-10 minutes. I also detect the smell of ammonia sometimes in my noise right after like within 5-10 minutes or less. If you or anyone knows what could be the issue then I might consider doing a consultation. To my knowledge I am not diabetic i'm 33 in great shape.

01:02:50 – Tommy - I have been diagnosed with HSV-2. I want to detox and then shift to a mostly fruitarian lifestyle afterwards in order to get rid of my HSV-2 viral load. Which supplements should I use and what type of detox diet would you recommend? Admittedly have drank too much historically.

01:05:43 – Fred - I've been experimenting with your ideas over the last few months and have been watching my urine which has been clear most all of the time except for a couple of isolated incidents where it was very cloudy. Wondering if that would be normal. Like clots of waste letting lose but yet not really filtering yet? And once cleaned out would it be normal to expect cloudiness in the urine all of the time? My other question is I'm planning a two month watermelon feast and wondering what your thoughts are of including salt or other minerals?

01:09:36 – Kim - Not sure how to go about getting some help for my friend who was diagnosed with Hairy CLL. He is a single dad with twin 6yr old boys and I have been doing quite a bit of research which leads me to Dr. morse. I know he has a lot of success with helping people boost their health naturally thus allowing them to heal their bodies. My friend , Liam, does not want to take the radiation pills but wants to fight this. He is sensitive to meds so regular treatments are kind of out of the question.

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