Q&A 311 - COPD, Lyme Disease, Parasites, Eczema

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07:47 – Unknown – COPD – “What can I expect your plan to do for COPD? Does it have any effect on growing alveoli? How long of a detoxification do you expect from COPD?”

43:43 – Louise – “Hi! Long story short: my two biggest health problems right now are lyme disease and that i have developed an allergy to almost every food. It makes me SO stressed out to know that i can not be 100% raw tight now, because most, if not all fruits makes me get allergic reactions. So i wonder what herbs you think are the best for me right now? Or, is there any paper i can fill in and send to you to make it more easy for you to see what i need?”

51:49 – Bobby – “Just to keep you posted, my wife’s marker (ca125) still hasn’t come down. It’s gone up to 64 now. I’m gonna try the grape fast and the herbs when they arrive. I’ve got the doctors on my head wanting to giver her chemo. I don’t know how much longer I can hold them off.“

53:09 – “Pls tell me where to start. Healing tea appears to be good. Unfortunately I seem to have parasites that I cannot get rid of. Would also like to know if you ship to Canada.”

59:27 – Monique – “Due to bad allergie-issues with a LOT, I'm very limited to what I can use, even the most natural of stuff. Have been detoxifying and living as much living food for months now. What can I use/do best to adress that first, to be able to use other herbs to start working on everything else? (I have a progressive muscle'disease' with a high degree of invalidity, with all kinds of related and unrelated (?) healthissues.”

01:06:43 – Farnas – “Thank you for your helpful videos and answering my questions. Since 2 weeks I eat just watermelons, graps and sometimes salads for dinner. Now I will spend all my money for this food because I know now that my body is very acidic and I have to do something Land after eating just grapes and waterlemons…TA…DA… the itching which I had is going better JJJ but my face skin looks like a war zone L L I have a lot acne (little pimple with white head). I took the KIDNEY & BLADDER 111 CAPSULES and ate a lot of water rich fruits and a lot of dark grapes. I also know now that my kidneys are not filtering (I did the tast at home). How long should I take the kidney capsules?...”

01:16:00 – Rohin – “I am a 16 year old boy who is suffering from severe atopic eczema all my life. I am affected in large areas of my body such as my face, abdominals, legs, arms, neck, back and scalp. I am allergic/sensitive too foods such as dairy, eggs, nuts, seafood. I also suffer from an excess amount of white goo in my eye.”

01:23:10 – Unknown – “I am a 19 year old female. I get hiccups every day, after meals, and just randomly during the day. I usually get one or two at a time, and they’re mostly really loud and obnoxious, once in a while they sound like squeaks. I’ve had this for a few years now. I went to my doctor and she said that I get hiccups because of playing wind instruments, there is no way that’s true…”

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Claudia on Mar 26, '16


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