Hilde Larsen interviews Dr. Morse

May 27, '153 comments
Hilde Larsen interviews Dr. Morse

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lulee on Sep 4, '15

can we spice the fruits with salt and pepper? Thanks

Justin on Jun 3, '15

This is in regards to Juan’s comment…

I had the same experience when I first started detoxing. I would have to eat every two hours to stay satiated. However, I discovered that this was only a transition period. I find drinking a lot of lemon water in between meals to help immensely.

Also, the monetary aspect of eating mostly or all fruits effected me as well. Look and see if there is an Aldi in your area. They have some pretty cheap deals. Right now watermelon is $2.69 each!

Juan on May 27, '15

Very expensive to eat only fruits bc I get hungry and eat tons . Still hungry. Can I add vegetables bc u mention that our digestive system not meant for veggies. Can’t live on just fruits! Balance is the key, isn’t it?

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