Q&A 307 - Herpes, Pancreatic Cancer, Baldness, Ovarian Cancer

May 21, '152 comments

Due to the video length, timestamps will be minimal.

1:15 – Max – 60 days juice fast.

6:34 – States Places – Been on a strict fruitarian diet for over 6 months. Will it be safe to go back to a diet that is based around fruits and cooked vegetables?

22:37 – Joe – I would like to ask you for any advice you could give me and my mum, perhaps the things to look out for during our fast.

49:46 – What regimen would you recommend to cure herpes completely 100%?

54:36 – Crystal - You had mentioned some small talk about pancreatic cancer. My father in law has this and although I do not have all the details I am told it is very serious.

1:01:10 – Paul – After I sustained a traumatic brain injury in a bad auto accident in 1998, my body has suffered hemostasis, similar to that of a stroke victim.

1:06:24 – Revon – 24-year old, medical student. Having acne continuously since I was 19. Frontal hair loss, irregularities in menstrual cycle, abnormal hair growth around navel and around nipples.

1:20:51 - Has Dr. Morse given specific details on how to test the pH of your urine? For example, what pH to expect at different times of the day and after meals, and what to do if your urine is acid at certain times etc.?

1:33:00 – Jenna- Hello. Can you please tell me the best way to detox & move my lymph? Also, I was born with brown eyes & still have brown eyes, however I was told my true color is blue. How can I get them to their true color? I am working hard at being healthy, I have been a 100% raw vegan for over 5 months. What else should I do?

1:39:43 – Jennifer - I've been dealing with candida issues for a few months now since I took antibiotics for a kidney infection. I have been on a high fruit vegan diet for about three months eating mostly mono-meals of fruit for meals and salads for dinner. I have one bowel movement a day, and they have been watery and what I ate the day before is visible through my bowels.

1:49:58 – George - I have used a half a bottle of amour thyroid but I noticed in one of dr Morse`s videos he said Don`t use amour thyroid because there is a chance that your thyroid will stop making it`s own repairs?

02:02 – Kim - I am gratefully coming through a healing crisis and have a molar that has always bothered me and still does. The tooth is crowned I cant remember if the root canal was done. The cracked root pinches the nerve when I bite down.

2:11:06 – Bobby – Wife with Ovarian cancer.

2:24:33 – Rod – How to take Adrenal glandular to wean off of Hydrocortisone.

2:44:35 – Irena – Grey hair so suddenly and quickly.

2:52:19 – Ph Alex – 23-year-old male with baldness.

2:57:50 – Claire - I've always thought I had green eyes, but it turns out I don't. How can I get rid of the yellow in my eyes? I have just started cutting meat and dairy about four days ago. Here are my eyes. I am an 18-year-old female. I have never tried taking pictures like this of my eyes and was very surprised!

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Deborah on May 27, '15

At about 8 minutes you explained something that makes perfect sense, Doc. I experienced exactly what you spoke about and you brought understanding to this situation I found myself in. Thank you. I was on raw fruits for two weeks and felt crappy but I saw my skin clear and glow and I felt peaceful but lots going on inside. I blew the program because I was craving meat.(medium rare hamburger, grilled onion, toasted butter bun) I had it. I miss cooking and felt so good to be back in the kitchen. Home made potato salad,  smoked bacon, hot fudge sunday at the end of the day thinking I had my fix and can go back to the humdrum menu of raw fruit. Well, I learned my lesson. I can’t say that I will never do it again but I can say that it won’t be any time soon. I have identified myself to be a house wife with benefits. I paint, cut grass, do windows, trim trees, run electric, fix plumbing problems, and everything else I am able to do. These are the things I prided myself on. Part of that was being a fantastic cook. I went to a baseball game with my husband and the funnel cakes, and hot dogs smothered with sweet vidalia onions and mustard, homemade Chicago style pizza. I know you are either sitting there with your eyes bugged out or you are shaking your head or maybe both. I am working on changing my identity. It is the only way I am going to get through this. My goals have been changing from looking like the master housewife to someone who has set her sights past the home. I am trying to disengage with the life I once knew and grow into the next step for my life. One that reflects a healthy onside and out. One that chooses wisdom and understanding and not bondage. It has been hard. I want to eat more than fruit. I am not a fruit person to begin with but I can see that my goals involve more than something that can be accomplished with staying the same course I am on. My whole environment has to change. God help my husband. He needs this just as much as I do but I have him totally spoiled in thinking the way I have been doing things is the best way. Change is good but the stomach has a mind of its own. Praying for a total reformation, peace, and victory over mindless things. Thanks for your constant drive to help us. I am eternally grateful. Sending much love and many blessings. Deborah Patton

Colleen on May 24, '15

The best search engine I know of for Dr. Morse’s videos is “RawFigs.com”

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