Cancer and it's Treatments

Shannon BreseMay 15, '153 comments

Studies are becoming more prevalent showing what we've known for a long time.  

1.  Regarding breast cancer, complete mastectomy was no better than simple lump removal.

2.  The diagnosis of breast cancer was twice as frequent in 1975 than in 1935, and the death rate was also double, meaning Allopathic medicine has made absolutely no progress in their attempt to cure cancer.  

3.  A lower mortality rate was found in patients who refused medical procedures than those who submitted to conventional treatments.

4.  Earlier detection amounted to quicker treatement and earlier death.

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Shannon Brese on May 20, '15

Hi Esther, the best place to find a counselor abroad is through the practitioner database on GrapeGate.

Esther Bardina on May 19, '15

do you have a counselor in France or in the Netherlands ?? Thank you very much forward.

CARMEN GAVRILA on May 18, '15

I believe that humanity has wandered too far from Nature and is punished for it!

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