Pushed into Chemotherapy

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Pushed into Chemotherapy

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Riz Khan on May 15, '15

God bless you Dr Morse. Learned so much from your videos about health and human body. I was very sick person (high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, fatique, head ace, swelling, pain) and more but got rid each one of them by changing diet and using herbs. Never even have any allergies for last two years which was another big problem for me like many others. Have to say it took some time and lots of effort and healing crises are not easy to deal with but thats the only way to get rid of all these so called diseases. Thank you Dr Morse

Stephanie Weeks on Apr 17, '15

I had a breast tumor 6 years ago that was carcinogenic. I had it removed and the doctor recommended chemo radiation and tamoxifan. I declined all after I had it removed except for radiation because I had pressure from my family. I hear you loud and clear and basically those doctors will thank me for not being part of the class action suit that is surely forthcoming by this horrific $$ scam called a treatment. Steph

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