Q&A 302 - Brain Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Inguinal Hernia

Mar 31, '153 comments

12:32 – Comments on the YouTube discussion about herbs being toxic, never healing, and how they suppress symptoms.

22:00 – Karyn on Dr. Morse’s formulas.

25:01 – Richard – 10-year-old Alfie with Brain cancer.

33:31 – Steve - I'm a sixty-year-old male and have been seriously detoxing for more than two years trying to overcome a serious condition of chronic fatigue. These past few years I've been eating 100% raw, 90% fruit, with a month-long water fast in 2013 and a two-month fruit juice fast in 2014. Even so, I feel like I'm still a long ways off from being detoxified and regaining my health. I am very thin and seem to be aging more rapidly than ever. For example: although not yet grey, my hair has been falling out rapidly these past two years and my skin has become much more wrinkled. You can see from the attached photos of my wrinkled fingers how dehydrated I am. When I press on my fingertips they remain depressed for quite a while. In addition to the raw, mostly fruit diet, for the past couple of years I've also been consistently taking kidney, lymph, and bowel herbs, and adrenal glandulars, is there anything more I can do to improve this dehydration issue?

43:54 – Bryndis – Eye Photo’s and case review – Prostate cancer.

01:03:39 – Alex - I'm new on your channel, male, 105 pounds, 5'7", 26y, Puerto Rico and have been on a potatoes and carrots diet for 6 years. Would you recommend a supplement from Twin Labs called Enzymatically digested Liquid Yeast? If so, do you recommend to use it or combine it with any food group, or alone? What else can I do to gain weight? Should I fast to repair the digestive system first? I fasted for 3 days and now I'm 100% raw but no bowel movement after 3 days. Had to use enema.Thanks

01:12:50 – Milton – How do I reverse an inguinal hernia? Read without glasses? Reverse cold, numb and swollen feet? Cold and numb fingers? Build and strengthen muscles? Reverse gray hair?

01:15:04 – I’m not sure what matters in life, apart from spirituality and living a healthy lifestyle to support spirituality. Can you please share your thoughts on this?

01:22:29 – Arno – Product called Stemtech SE2-

01:23:50 – Cosette - I have a question about my husband who lost totally the sense of smell. It happened gradually years ago and now it is completely gone. His body is in bad shape as he had for a long time huge digestion difficulties. He also stopped his work 6 months ago for burn out. Since 1 year he started to go on raw food and vegetables juices. He also takes medicinal plants. There is for he moment no improvement for his sense of smell. Would you have some specific protocol to help regenerate this function ?

01:27:22 – Roger - Since June of 2013 I have been working with your program in all aspects. Other than what I would call a period of adjustment during the winter of 2013-2014 my routine has included at least the Fab 4 herbs. Here in SE Mass., we have had one of the toughest periods of winter in my lifetime. Since the end of January to now we have had very little let up to what I would call, attacking weather. . Suffice to say it has been a challenge to stay with the fruits and even salads without some warming foods. In my own mind I have done quite well. The experience in itself is invaluable. In all that I have done it came to mind the other day that at approximately age 8 in early 1955 I had to have my appendix removed. Now with what I know I can see how this might have come about. Memory tells me that I often would be constipated and my mother would have to give me something to relieve it. In all the videos of yours I have seen I can't remember you talking specifically about any thing one could do with diet and herbs to help with the appendix removed. If you would comment on this I would greatly appreciate it. In closing I would like to say that for years and years I have had the mind that some day I wanted to do a real, Spiritual, Dietary, Healing fast. Part of my mind set has been to prepare for this with my life style. My intent was to start with the current New Moon but now I may have to put it off until next month as the weather here looks as it is going to be much colder than normal. My point is that the way you approach the fasting is something that is timeless and I am eternally grateful for you putting it out to us.

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tanya on Apr 1, '15

i am a type 1 diabetic well thats why i take inslin… i live in maine so in winter its pretty hard to get fresh fruit .and stay fruity…lol. well my question is odd but i would really like to know what you think,, i have to take stuff,cascara bark ,and laxitives to poop well im noticing a really bad acid smelllately im thinking its because ofall the acid n my body and its comming out, what do you think .ive noticed a lot of changes in my eyes so i know im on the path… i will be ordering some adreanelformulas soon couldyou sugest witch one thank you so much i am so glad i found yougo blessyouall….

Anita on Mar 31, '15

Hi I bought the spleen,blood and skin tonic for my daughter who have low platelet count, hope this will help her raise her count. She took it for 5 days, when she went to do her blood works her platelet drop so low 31, we were flooded. We didn’t know there was alcohol in the tonic and she can’t drink alcohol. Please contact me what to do we spend a lot of money for these herbs. Was we misinformed.

Nick on Mar 31, '15

You know every time I watch Dr. Morse I learn more valuable information. I would like to apologize for my comments about Dr. Morse using glandulars anddeer antlers in his formulas.I was ignorant on the use of them.

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