A Message from Dr. Morse 3-20-15

Mar 24, '155 comments

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Kora on Mar 28, '15

I am just starting this journey and am so grateful
to find you. I love the way you talk about God and I have not found people who can respect
the beauty of everything the way you do. You
lift my spirits and I am deeply grateful for finding you. You don’t judge people or situations but see them in the whole scope
of God. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Carl Mulder on Mar 26, '15

Excellent video, I love your honesty dr morse.

Kathy on Mar 24, '15

I have a question for you…I have been treating my dog for cancer for 3 years. Took her completely off grains and kibble and onto a raw diet with meat and pulverized veggies. She gets tinctures that have burdock root and other things to boost her immune system and go after cancer cells. She is thriving. She did develop a big lipoma whic I believe was holding toxins…had to have that removed but no chemo or radiation for us. You said dogs should not have high protein diets, but isn’t that what wolves and dogs should eat? If not, what should I feed her to keep healing her? I know you focus on humans, but since you made the statement, thought I would ask.
Thank you, Kathy

Nick on Mar 24, '15

Believe me I am not speaking from emotion but from truth and finding the truth about real healing. Like I said before ,I thought what was really needed for true health and healing was raw ripe fruit and herbs and all consumption of animal products is acid forming in your cells and thus not good for you (regardless of infusion,fusion,emotion or genetic manipulation). Keep things simple,that is what you say.But now you are complicating things with antlers and glands.Do you think that because you have someone consume animal glands their glands are going to heal? If that was true why not consume a heart if your heart is bad? It sounds like science fiction,doesn’t it? And even if it did work wouldn’t the person have to take the glandular formula for life like a drug with side effects because it is an animal protein and thus acid forming in human cells? You could use human glands instead of bovine glands and that would stir up all kinds of emotion from people but still acid forming in human cells.

Nick on Mar 24, '15

I thought that raw ripe fruit and herbs was the way to truly heal anyone. Now, why is Dr. Morse using animal products (antlers and glands)? Aren’t they acid forming because of the dead animal tissue? I mean you say animal products are acid forming in your cells but you are using them in your herbal supplements. Are you saying certain parts of a dead animal are good for your cells? If this is so,is it good to eat animal glands and organs? I thought any part of an animal is acid forming in human cells. What is next,synthetic chemicals like the drug companies use? Please do not go down that pathway.

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