Q&A 301 - Primary Amenorrhea, Eye Review, CMT, Scoliosis, Asthma.

Mar 16, '151 comment
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16:11 – Leigh – 42-year-old with CMT, Scoliosis, Asthma, Migraines, Obesity, Pineal Cyst, and other health concerns. (Eye Review).

49:38 – Jeeyumi – My thought will be based on what is happening to me for the last couple months which is: When I’m eating good (very high raw), I’m not filering, when I eat cooked stuff or processed food I then filter real good.

54:01 – Patty – Eye pictures requested by Dr. Morse – Fell Rock Climbing.

01:06:00 – Natalie – I have a diagnosis of Primary Amenorrhea – meaning I have not received my cycle naturally. Like a very early menopause. On an ultrasound the doctor witnessed very small and not functioning ovaries when I was 16 and gave me pregnancy pills…

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Leigh on Mar 16, '15

Hi Dr Morse, thank you SO much for discussing my case – everything you’ve said makes so much sense! I have been eating high fruit and veg since January, but am going to take your advice and go all fruit. I’ll also get the glandulars and formulas you’ve suggested. I don´t know whther you’ve found my photos, so I’m going to email them now to Jen B. Again, many, many thanks and a big hug from Spain! xx

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