Q&A 298- Finger Nails, Fillings, Building Muscle, Organs/Dynamics

Feb 24, '152 comments

00:56 – Billie - I've has some exciting healing crises :) I had a pretty nasty cold/ flu like symptom two weeks into the detox, had also a few server joint pains that lasted for about 3 days and past. However this finger problem has been around since 20/12/14. The pic is on a good day it is usually a lot larger. I'm guessing this might be fungus? Ive been dipping in heal all tea no getting any relief. What should I do it is quite painful. 6 yrs ago this nail fell off from bar rot.

09:34 – Kayla - What is the best way to go about detoxing these metals out of my blood, tissues, and glands? I've read Andy Cutler's book on mercury detox and he suggests using a protocol of ALA and DMSA. He says ALA is the only chelating agent that'll cross the blood-brain barrier to detox mercury from the brain since mercury is a neuro-toxin. However, I'm just not sure if this method of chelations/detox is safe.

23:26 – Andri - Dr Morse can u please tell me how to build muscle in the right
way,i really want to get bigger because even if im 22 i have a small bond
(is any way to grow my bond too) is so important for me and i want to
thank you for opening my eyes about detoxing.

31:30 – Marcello - Doctor, I know you say it all comes down to cells and two fluids. However, don’t organs have their own dynamics structurally and musculary and mechanically on a macro level?

39:47 – Brendon - I'm wondering how far "down" you can go in food and still be in detoxification? I've been wanting to add some vegetables like raw mushrooms and zucchinis, sprouts, green beans...but then isn't zucchini starchy and are green beans in the same category as other beans? I was reading through the list of foods and recipe in your book and they include non-detox foods. Will fruits + those foods still keep you in detox, but just slower? It's hard to tell because everyone is at a different level of toxicity and it's hard to know if something would simply slow you down or just stop you...also wondering specifically because I'm not sure about filtration being an accurate way to tell considering that increased filtration could also just mean ingesting and excreting more toxins? I guess I'm tripped up because you tried to outline a happy medium that is "pretty good" - mostly raw, mostly fruit, but also dipping into sweet corn and potatoes occasionally - which still adds up to being healthier than SAD. Will adding these foods also make the herbs less efficient at doing their work? I do want to fully detoxify over time, but I am not necessarily in a rush - I am comfortable as long as I know that I am only getting healthier over time...most important I want to clean out my bowels, intestines, any possible parasites, and strengthen my glands. What's the "worst" I can do and still be detoxifying? And I want to know this just so I am aware of a lower limit that I can feel comfortable getting closer to, not so that I can hang out all the way down there. Also this brings into question steamed vegetables, cooked vegetables, oils, and salts (again, I realize these are things to stay away from, but I want to know what I can occasionally dip into without freaking out thinking I'm destroying my body and ruining my life) In theory, would I, or someone in a case like mine, still be detoxing on fruit all day, herbs, salad with vegetables at night, whether raw or steamed, and occasionally (once a week, twice at the most) a lower level meal such as cooked vegetables with some oil or salt? What will I NOT be able to accomplish at that level?

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Nick on Mar 2, '15

I do not know how much I should detoxify further but I feel so much better when I eat raw ripe fruit and raw to al dente vegetables, than when I eat 100% organic canned soups(I actually feel some pain and discomfort with these thoroughly cooked vegetables).

Judy Dickens on Feb 26, '15

Fantastic new format.. time stamps etc..

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