Discussion with Dr. Morse, Marcie, and Jen B.

Feb 17, '154 comments
Discussion with Dr. Morse, Marcie, and Jen B.

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TARA SRYGLER on Feb 25, '15

Love this video, Love to hear the spirit move.I taught me to let go and now thats what I have to do.Thank you

ana goldseker on Feb 18, '15

Oh my goodness!! I love this video and love being able to see everyone! Great! Hugs and gratitude to all of you.

Leigh on Feb 17, '15

So great to ‘meet’ Marcie and Jen B too, thank you! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my health issues (email sent the beginning of December). Hugs xx

Tamara Black on Feb 17, '15

I just wanted to tell you all that I love you all dearly. My family is forever grateful and I know my clients are as well. Because of the tragedy of losing our sweet angel to the allopathic community, I have come to know health and truth. And, I feel blessed to be able to offer that to my current clients and future clients. I love the success of healing I’ve seen with my clients and especially the children because it is so near and dear to my heart. I have become extremely busy with referrals which is a great thing because those that have stuck with this journey have now reaped the benefits of doing so. All the love goes to all of you for continuing to fight the fight with FDA and CDC so that we can do what we do with helping others. Hugs to everyone down there. Hope to visit soon to see you all again!!

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