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01:08 – Billi - Hi Doc, Thank you for all you amazing vids, you are a beautiful soul! Long story short, I am 30yrs Aussie female with no children. I have decided to become an egg donor for my sister in-law who is 42 and has be trying to fall pregnant for the past 3yrs. I have been working on my lymph, adrenals and kidneys with your herbs from our botanicals.com and raw oranges, watermelon drizzled with lemon and a salad every other day since Oct 2014. Before that I was raw till 4 which did NOT work out well for me at all. I have now included endocrine formula, pituitary, thyroid and female reproductive formula to prepare for the donation. I am not happy with the process of the donation which includes injection of hormones and going on the pill which I have never been on. But this is something I want to do for her. My Question is what would you suggest I do to prepare my body for these horrible hormones, to make sure my body returns to its healthiest possible self and to make sure I give the best possible eggs I can?

14:12 – Krysta - Dr. Morse, first off Thank You for answering my questions! I would love to get your opinion on my on going swelling on my face and fingers thati've been experiencing after going on a grape fast almost 2 years ago. Back in May 2013 i started an all grape fast followed your Herbal Program. I did this for 5 months straight and did not cheat once. During this time I experienced major weight loss around 30-35 lbs, I had lost my period for those months, my energy levels increased after about the second month, I use to suffer with chronic lower back pain that went away after about a week or so, by day 8 of the fast i started to get overwhelming pains in my Transverse Colon area that continued throughout the 5 months at least twice a day. I'm not sure if that was a healing crisis or what, and on a spiritual level I felt more calm and at peace and not so involved with drama like I use to be. The only disapointment was i could not get my kidneys to filter for the life of me and I was not able to see any results with my Vitiligo. I did not have any major healing crisis like i was expecting but when I broke the fast, I did do it properly with all fruits. It was not until i started eating salads when I started to swell on my face, neck, chest, fingers, stomach and ankles. I thought it was the sodium from the salad dressing and jared banana peppers. Unfortunately I did go back to eating Meats and Cheese's and at an alarming rate i just felt so hungry! I did come to my senses after a few months and went back to a half raw half cooked vegan diet with no oil or sodium but still even to this day whenever i eat anything cooked even steamed veggies I still swell even after almost 2 years! I understand what swelling is and where it comes from but do you think this is my body's way of telling me that I cannot handle cooked foods anymore? And maybe i cleaned it out to a good amount that I need to stay with all fruits or my body gets shocked with toxins and acids. Or is it possible maybe I did not clean it out and I'm still very toxic and my lymph system is reacting even though i nevee had this happen before the fast while on a S.A.D. Diet. I am working ny way back to only eating fruits and herbs there is no question that's when i felt the best. Your thoughts are appreciated!

30:33 – Levi - Dr morse, I need help. I am mostly raw vegan 22 year old. High fruit. I take some herbs and some of your formulas. However, I have tinnitus / ringing in ears and read that the nerve damage is from damaged myelin sheath. Is this true? And how do I help myself with this? I am desperate. Thank you

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