Q&A 293- Insulin dependent, Acne, Huntington disease

Jan 19, '15
In this video Dr. Morse talks about:

An article: “Biological bad luck blamed in two-thirds of cancer cases.”

Cynthia - her ill 70-year-old mother. Diabetic since 1992 and since 2011 has been insulin dependent.

Regan – 16-year-old who has had acne for about a year and a half. Went on antibiotics that worked in the beginning but has not gotten worse.

Gregory – Can eating only fruits help in schizophrenia cases?

Sophia – Fell on a lack ice a year ago and injured shoulder and elbow. Went to two orthopedic surgeons and was told to wait it out.

LaSala – Started vegan diet about 3 months ago. Wondering about Huntington’s disease.

CJ- Involved in a major chemical spill at a semi conductor factory. Chemical burns all over face and the chemical comes out of body in the shower.

Patricia – 41-year-old with thinning hair and feels skin is looking older and less elastic. Menstrual cycle has been beginning to alter.

Lorna – Wanting to know if cleansing liver would help to lose weight and regain health having been morbidly obese.

George – Heart murmurs in children and adults. What causes them? Is it a lymphatic issue in the heart? Is it common that parents pass it down to their babies?

Jennifer – Can you explain what people with gallstones can expect to happen? Will they dissolve, or with the gallbladder expel them?

Dan – Had pectoral muscle strain and developed trigger points in the muscle. Can seem to get the muscles to heal properly.

Christian – Had 2 strokes at the age of 32. Issues with right side and voice

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