Q & A - 292 - Toenail Fungas, Liver Gallbladder Cleanse, Pain

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01:05 – Jeff – Keep up the GREAT work Doc!!!! Love your spirit. What’s up with my toenails? Short and sweet. I bumped one once and they went into this…

04:39 – jude2005386 – What’s your opinion concerning the popular Liver and Gallbladder cleanse? Would you do it?

11:43- Christe - Dearest Dr Robert. I want to thank you from the bottom of your heart for being such an amazing light in this very very lost society. I have been walking with this intense feeling and yearning in my heart to reach out to people. I have this knowing that my life purpose is to be a healer and to help and lead others into the light. I am currently a student of homoeopathic medicine in South Africa but I have opened my eyes to all natural and ancient forms of healing and have completely adopted the raw fruits lifestyle. I know that I shouldnt be waiting until I graduate to start helping people but self doubt has been a really big obstacle for me. I want you to know that it is your videos that have helped me to realize that I am doing myself and the world a big injustice by not following my calling with absolute faith. There are no words to explain the resonance I feel with your energy in your videos and I truly hope that one day I will be able to sit down with you for a session of soul feeding.

25:23 – katndognco - I have spent thousands of dollars on supplements, nutritionists, gym memberships, home gym equipment, chiropractors, vegetable produce, grass fed beef, free range chicken eggs & chickens and yet I am ill and in pain. I bought a juicer a few weeks ago. Should I be juicing fruit or eating it? I live in the mountains of Colorado where we have harsh winters, there is no naturally growing fruit during this time of year, but I can go to a grocery store. What fruits do you suggest? I'm sick of being in pain and the slow continual weight gain. I use to be very thin; under 100 lbs when I had my children 30 yrs ago, now I'm up to 200!!

40:59 – Julia – I suffer from HPPS and my symptoms are palinopsia and visual snow. Do you know hoe to cure this?

46:43 – Stud Muffin - Hey Doc, am wondering if I (37yr old male) have a baby with a woman about as unhealthy as me (pretty congested lymph wise like everyone else) but we bring that baby up totally raw etc, would the baby go through healing crisises too and therefore do a fair bit of crying in it's infancy? ty for the hard work

51:48 – Mary - Hi Dr. Morse! Let me start by saying I thank God for you! You are AMAZING and I just fell in love with you!!!!! Thanks for all you've done and are doing!!!!
I'm wondering if you can give me suggestions as to what to order for my specific case.
I'm a 43 yr old female. Six yrs ago, I started developing weird neuro-muscular symptoms. 1) Knees buckled and almost fell 2) difficulty swallowing with a tired, lazy tongue that also causes difficulty talking at times 3) Weak and fatigued quad muscles 4) Just developed weak upper arms last week! 5) dee twitching Symptoms 2,3, and 4 are the chronic symptoms. After all of your videos I've listened to, I know you'd suggest lymph, kidneys and adrenals. along with a raw fruit diet. I'm happy to do all of that, but is there anything else I can order to speed up the detox to rid my body of these annoying symptoms? What my fear is that my 14 yr old is complaining of the same symptoms! Thanks so much for your time and effort! I'm looking forward to the road to "wellville" :)

01:04:33 – Derrick - Thank you so much for all that you do! You are a true inspiration. I've been vegan for about 8 years and started using your herbs and raw about 3 years ago and have experimented with almost every formula you have. I'm currently on all fruit and using about 8-10 formulas, including the ones that you recommend for chronic head pressure, chronic fatigue, low adrenals, etc. (Fab 4, GI broom, adrenal, heal all tea, pancreas, spleen, UpCirc BrainNerve, thyroid, pituitary, endocrine, antispasmodic, several lymphatic formulas, stomach/bowel, eyes, etc.).

01:12:17 – Robyn – I was wondering if you could please assist with a friend who is currently detoxing. 67 year old male. Case Review

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I to have hppd, could you please elaborate. Any insight and guidance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Joe Hawkins on Aug 22, '16

I’ll also suffer from hppd and would greatly appreciate any suggestions and hope on how to overcome this crippling condition.

Julia on Jun 7, '15

Hi Robert,
thanks alot for your response.
Sorry i was not more informative, HPPD is short for Hallucinogen Perception Persisting Disorder. I got this after one experience with hallucinogens. it gave me visual snow, and after a stressful period my visual snow increased to other visual disturbances like after-images, trails, floaters, light sensitivity, and auditory disturbances such as tinnitus, hyperacusis. i also suffer from severe anxiety, depression, depersonalization and occasionally dizziness and vertigo (all caused by HPPD, also known as Visual Snow syndrome) it’s been a year and i have not taken any drugs since. i also stopped taking my anti-depressants. it has only gotten worse.

Linda Burk on Feb 27, '15

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Linda Burk on Feb 27, '15

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